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7806Crap Circles/Unformed Atavism of the Soul

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  • Bradford Riley
    Mar 5, 2003
      Subject: [anthroposophy] crop circles or Crap Circles
      >Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2003 16:14:52 +0000

      "Three witches have gathered in an open field
      near a battle site in Scotland during a dark thunderstorm. The three
      of them agree to meet again "upon the heath" to greet Macbeth, the
      main character of the play. At the end of the short scene, they all
      cry in their cackling voices, "Fair is foul, and foul is fair", which
      foreshadows the foulness of the play's plot and the difficulty of
      distinguishing between appearance and reality."


      Former comments;

      the Prediction Queens of the Night, the three witches of Macbeth in the
      >human soul.
      >When you considered the tangled mess of Macbeth and the Three Witches that
      >project out before his psyche and the mayhem they cause you look within an
      >Occult riddle of the Soul. This Triadic structure in the Human Being is
      >important but those who babble about UFO's and refuse to balance the works
      >of Men with the works of Cosmic Effort destroy great parts of their
      >potential for Freedom and misunderstand the Christ Event for Earth

      Current Insights;

      The Portrait of Lady Macbeth and or Macbeth himself is used as Intellectual
      Soul, food stuff and research for college papers. But since we are in the
      University of Spiritual Science we must look deeper into the Triad that has
      been posed by the flowing Seership of Shakespeare. We put away all the
      Disinformation about Francis Bacon writing Shakespeare and we focus on the
      Rosicrucian Seer, inspired by Christian Rosenkreuz and the fact that
      Shakespeare truly transformed a portion of his Astral Body - Sentient Soul-
      into Mani..A portion of his Astral soul substance was Occultly worked
      through the WORD forces, meter and Imagination Purification, until a Being
      of actual Light could Emancipate itself from Shakespeare. This Initiation is
      outlined in Shakespeare's final play, "THE TEMPEST".

      But we who are in the School of Spiritual Science constantly come upon an
      Occult riddle. We ask ourselves how can people be so thickly covered in the
      hallucinations of their time. How Can Luciferic Hallucinations such as
      "Heaven's Gate" - Seeing Michael Jackson's premature Luciferic nightmare and
      his current "Portrait of Dorian Michael" performed before our eyes.. and
      Yes, we do see it and it is a fact. But now to the Ahrimanic deception,
      which is the basis of the Three Witches of Macbeth.

      This Power Driven, Selfishness, Selfishness, Selfishness weaves all in the
      soul of much that materialism in the West has unconsciously fostered as a
      breeding ground for Ahrimanic and Luciferic forces without Educational depth
      to Balance them. I certainly was not kidding when I suggested the Three
      Witches. Not only are the Soul forces of Steiner's Mystery Dramas interwoven
      with the the Education of the human soul, to evolve and Emancipate forces of
      Thinking-Feeling-and Willing, but as they emancipate they appear as Beings -
      as a Fact of higher education and Initation.

      Steiner calls these Beings Philia-(Feeling)-Astrid (Thinking)-Luna (Will).
      They play an enormous role in our Initiation and Education as we proceed
      together through the cultural hurdles thrown in front of us. It is our job
      to See what we See and know what we see when we see it and stop kidding
      ourselves. Initiation is a Fact for all mankind and Proof upon proof can be
      brought to bear.

      For Instance: In the newest "Dracula" that Francis Coppola and Gary Oldman
      performed,(Prince des T�n�bres)The Three severed, and fallen soul forces,
      that Bram Stoker also placed in his classic book are alive and well and
      living off the Blood or Ego forces, the Fallen Ego forces of Man. The
      Foundation of Western Initiation culture is based on the Three forces of
      Hera(Will)- Athena(thinking) - and - Aphrodite(Feeling). The choice mankind
      takes back in the Trojan times, the choice offered, was to use the
      Foundation of the Human Heart - Aphrodite - as the core transformation point
      for Earth Evolution. Why recently in the film- based loosely on the Odyssey-
      "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" - the most interesting Scene reveals the three
      soul forces as sirens who atavistically numb the three boys on the Quest. We
      merely fail to understand our own culture and how culture is alive and how
      Spiritual Science confirms Initiation as a fact at all times.

      Now the rooted Egregorial demons of the Feeling Life, that were described
      with all sorts of cultural Hallucinations fostered in our times and all
      sorts of tangled and crazy beliefs scattered all over the world indicate the
      very core problems of Lucifer and Ahriman in the soul of humanity. The Three
      Witches, and their fatal Perception, reflected back to Macbeth through his
      Atavism is carefully and clearly described by Shakespeare. This is a
      portrait of Initiation Science for the Intellectual and Sentient Soul Power
      Grabbers and infected materialists who seek to know, selfishly, selfishly,
      selfishly, what to do with their mountains of money, their sex life, their
      political camps and beliefs and how can they outwit, murder and destroy
      others in their outwitting. Giant core, untrained, unobserved Soul Forces
      swirl in each of these power brokers. Do we know. Yes we know that!

      But it means it goes down to the twisted roots of giant atavisitic forces
      that - As the Christ event progresses, lifts the soul and spirit areas that
      have been transformed or not transformed into the Light of Consciousness and
      onto the tabloid news. The Fact of the Christ Rising in the Etheric World is
      raising up the hidden, twisted wreckage of the Titanic monsters of twisted
      beliefs in the Souls of men. It also is raising the clarity and depth at
      which we have penetrated and transformed our thinking.

      Egregorial, rooted beliefs, stubborn, Atavistic misinformation- lies that
      will entangle and enmesh OR; Grasping the insights of the Michael School we
      See what there is to See and become stronger in knowing what we see of
      Initiation. For it shall not be hidden. It rises.. like Moby or "The Great
      White" rises from the fire.. It rises.. and remember that Moby Dick the
      White Whale, has equaled the readership of the Bible and Moby Dick
      represented the deep forces of Michael in the Subconscious of Mankind. There
      we confront an Imagination of the Forces of Michael as an Archai and Time
      Spirit. *(Note Great White Band - Fire)

      So, Education, Culture and Seeing in the School of Michael links itself to
      accurate models. Education should not be merely writing term papers about
      subjects unconnected, but Teachers should be able to connect the realities
      of culture to concrete, Objective- Initiation realities so that all students
      can be refreshed by education instead of lied to over and over again. It
      isn't merely lying it is fumbling around on the moors of the Witches to hear
      and see what in the name of Chaos do people fail to see about our current
      events in culture? It can be seen, it can be understood and in doing so we
      clarify large portions of our soul so that the Three forces of
      Thinking-Feeling-Willing, become our self knowledge guides and can inform
      us, navigate with us, as we think and commune with our newly operative Path
      of Objectivied Educational nourishment.


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