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  • Pacbay
    Mar 1, 2003
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      Most APs don't seem to have an opinion about crop circles possibly because it falls within the netherworld of para-psychology and UFO research. Both are complex areas of research. A few APs find interest in them but take a strictly metaphysical point of view rather than an extraterrestrial/UFO approach.
      The only real way to investigate this phenomena is to start with the circles themselves; go to them if  possible and stand in them; and study the literature on them. This will flush out many of the theories. Then one can apply metaphysical or spiritual interpretations and develop alternative explanations, if the present ones don't seem to answer all the questions.
      the present theories or explanations are:
      UFO/Alien produced to present symbolic messages to mankind
      Atmospheric anomalies
      Man made (some not all)
      Odd electro magnetic phenomena generated by ???
      Manipulation of the ether and magnetic fields of force by non physical spiritual beings (not aliens) using elemental beings as an intermediary
      They obviously show profound intelligence behind them and mathematical and geometrical astuteness. They appear to be benign rather than negative in their appearance and "message". they have also appeared in ice fields and non crop areas.
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           Why nobody give an answer to my mail?
           Crop circles is a secret subject for anthros?
           I'm a young student in soil science and crop production and a
      young student in Science of Spirit.
           I'm sorry, for my spelling mistakes. (if you want to correct my
      sentences, you may!)I want to speak English, but it's not easy to
      learn a new language.

           Best wishes


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      >   Hello Everybody,
      >   I'm French and I'm interesting by Science of Spirit.
      >   For several years, crop circles appears in the USA, England,
      > Germany and the Netherland. Do you know which made these circles.
      > Some circles are made by humans, but not majority.

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