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7753Re: [anthroposophy] The Christ Event and the world of the dead: Comments III

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  • Pacbay
    Feb 22, 2003
      I lost something here. Who is Mr. Ervast and where is most of this insight derived from??
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      Sent: Friday, February 21, 2003 4:11 PM
      Subject: [anthroposophy] The Christ Event and the world of the dead: Comments III

      Bradford wrote in his recent essey (on the file section):

      "Now understanding the heroic aspect of the Christ Event meant
      changing everything about what it means to die for a manipulated
      political cause or to fight and kill others because strangers have
      murdered one of your own family members. After the Christ Event,
      Christ penetrated and illuminated the real facts of conscience and
      courage, with the result that lessons after death did not support
      the glories of carnage and bloodletting we tend to praise here on
      earth. There was a dynamic and profound change after the Christ
      Event and this change in the interior light of the soul as it
      travels through the planets after death, is the new seed of inner
      light, conscience and the future potential of the Spirit Self."

      "As the Dead pass through their experiences in the after life, they
      review and pass through layer after layer of inner consciousness. 
      Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and beyond are all
      experiences that are layered within each of us and inspire and shape
      the talents and karma of what is inside each individual. That which
      was and that which is to be is invisibly formed, pre-embryonically,
      before we see the product, the incarnated personality. This is the
      real space travel that we have projected outwardly onto the external
      face of the universe."

      Joksu writes:
      The Christ Event  made very deep changes to our world and those
      changes were even more spectacular in the invisible worlds. Christ
      is global (or maybe it is better to say universal) and eventually we
      must win over e.g. bloodties, race and nationality. Dr. Steiner says
      in his lecture "Evolution and Involution" (23.12.1904
      Berlin): "Nation, race, sex, position, religion – all these work
      upon human egoism. Only when mankind has overcome all these things
      will it be freed from egoism." The disciples of Jesus Christ didn't
      right away understand this global quality. E.g. Peter thought that
      the "new religion" was only for the jews. St. Paul after his deep
      Christ experince could understand things better and he was allowed
      the spread the good tidings to "outsiders". Without the work of St.
      Paul we hardly have had any christianity.

      Now we have "the law written to our heart"; it's not in our outer
      surroundings in some "stonetables". Our conciense grew more
      sensitive and in this connection we can also link the concept
      of "sin". When the Great Ideal, the Cosmic Christ came now so near
      us, we cannot feel anymore (as some OT prophets probably could) that
      we are "sinless and without fault, ready to throw the first stone"
      (at least if we are honest).

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