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7751The Christ Event and the world of the dead: Comments III

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  • joksu57 <jouko.sorvali@kolumbus.fi>
    Feb 21, 2003
      Bradford wrote in his recent essey (on the file section):

      "Now understanding the heroic aspect of the Christ Event meant
      changing everything about what it means to die for a manipulated
      political cause or to fight and kill others because strangers have
      murdered one of your own family members. After the Christ Event,
      Christ penetrated and illuminated the real facts of conscience and
      courage, with the result that lessons after death did not support
      the glories of carnage and bloodletting we tend to praise here on
      earth. There was a dynamic and profound change after the Christ
      Event and this change in the interior light of the soul as it
      travels through the planets after death, is the new seed of inner
      light, conscience and the future potential of the Spirit Self."

      "As the Dead pass through their experiences in the after life, they
      review and pass through layer after layer of inner consciousness.
      Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and beyond are all
      experiences that are layered within each of us and inspire and shape
      the talents and karma of what is inside each individual. That which
      was and that which is to be is invisibly formed, pre-embryonically,
      before we see the product, the incarnated personality. This is the
      real space travel that we have projected outwardly onto the external
      face of the universe."

      Joksu writes:
      The Christ Event made very deep changes to our world and those
      changes were even more spectacular in the invisible worlds. Christ
      is global (or maybe it is better to say universal) and eventually we
      must win over e.g. bloodties, race and nationality. Dr. Steiner says
      in his lecture "Evolution and Involution" (23.12.1904
      Berlin): "Nation, race, sex, position, religion – all these work
      upon human egoism. Only when mankind has overcome all these things
      will it be freed from egoism." The disciples of Jesus Christ didn't
      right away understand this global quality. E.g. Peter thought that
      the "new religion" was only for the jews. St. Paul after his deep
      Christ experince could understand things better and he was allowed
      the spread the good tidings to "outsiders". Without the work of St.
      Paul we hardly have had any christianity.

      Now we have "the law written to our heart"; it's not in our outer
      surroundings in some "stonetables". Our conciense grew more
      sensitive and in this connection we can also link the concept
      of "sin". When the Great Ideal, the Cosmic Christ came now so near
      us, we cannot feel anymore (as some OT prophets probably could) that
      we are "sinless and without fault, ready to throw the first stone"
      (at least if we are honest).

      The "shady" world of the dead has reveiced new light after the
      Christ Event. The purgatory fire is at work and the life is
      cultivated there in many ways. Certain schools are now operating
      there. The deceased cannot make new iniatives, because he (she) is
      separated from his (her) "higher self", but based on the experiences
      during his lifetime, it is possible to learn many things. And one of
      these things is: how to become a helper to those, who have recently
      died. There's so much ignorance and suffering, which can be

      One central question is the "Mars-question", our relation to
      violence and war. And I treat it as an individual, not a political
      question. Before the Christ Event there was a heroic element in war;
      men fought against each other with certain rules. In some sense, it
      was a symbol from the inner fight, which was necessary, because
      Christ was still "far away" (in terms of consciousness). The "would-
      be-initiate" had to subdue his lower nature in order to experience
      outside his body the "spiritual reality". Initiation in waking
      consciousness was not possible before the Christ Event. Gilgamesh
      made an interesting effort in this direction and in "Kalevala" there
      is also a description of a failed attemp to build the resurrection
      body. (Maybe it is possible later to elaborate these attemps a
      little further.)

      Mr. Ervast has said that nowadays there is no "warriors heaven". A
      soldier died in a battle must relinquish every thought of fighting,
      war and violence, before he can enter even to a "personal heaven",
      the lower devachan. The Walhalla has really burned, as Wagner showed
      us in the end of his Ring Cycle, in Götterdämmerung. People are
      still living in the "old covenant" in this physical world, but after
      the death they have to face the reality. The essence of a human
      being is ethical, and this fact can't be denied anymore, when we are
      without the physical-etheric vehicle. Next I will refer to a lecture
      about "Heaven" and the planetary spheres (held by Mr. Ervast in
      1929) and then also to his book "Who helps us in death/dying" . In
      this book we can read about "Christ's Heaven" and what kind of souls
      can enter there. And I apologise right away my clumsy and severely
      shortened translations.

      During the death process, when the etheric vehicle is separating
      from the physical one, the dying person enters into a meditative
      state. The etheric "permanent atom", which is usually located in our
      heart region, moves to the head area. Because of this occult fact
      the dying person can live through the "death meditation" in the
      light of the higher, impartial consciousness. It is the last
      judgement to this personality and the acts of the past life are
      divided to "sheeps and goats". With the "material" divided to
      the "left side" we must live in the purgatory states (lived in
      the "moon sphere") and the "material" on the "right side" forms the
      basis of our devachan (sun-sphere) experiences .

      Earlier the earth has reveiced help from Venus and Mercury (the
      original Rishis) and the effects coming from Mercury-Venus
      are "purgatory", these "streams of fire" are cleaning and training
      the soul, so that the soul can proceed from the moon-sphere to the
      sun-sphere. The astral body of the earth is sublunar, it is under
      the influence of the moon. (The purgatory or kama-loka
      experiences "an sich" are not discussed in this post.) The "I-
      organism" of the earth can be called heaven, and it is as large as
      our solar system, i.e. the sun proper. The different planetary
      spheres, which are soon discussed, are technicly "inside the sun".
      These concepts must not be taken too literally or materialisticly.

      When the soul proceeds from kama-loka to devachan, the "nearest"
      school is the Mars-school, the occult influence of Mars. Everyone in
      heaven (devachan) takes part to this "school". And the message of
      this "Warriors'school" is nowadays this: You shouldn't fight,
      coerce, use violence. Everything which is "normal" in our daily life
      gets a different, harsh perpective. Now in this devachanic state
      there is no suffering (that belongs to the moon-sphere), but we
      can't understand anything else but: we can't wage wars, use sword or
      any violence. A great change has occured in this "School of the Red
      Fire" after the Christ Event. Only some souls continue to "Jupiter-
      and Saturn-schools" and extremely few to Uranus and Neptune. The
      reason that most human souls are restricted to Mars lies in the fact
      that they have not "turned their sword to cross".

      The influence of Jupiter is positive and this is a great contrast to
      the "Mars-effect", which is mainly negative (= we learn what we
      should not do). In Jupiter we must learn "how to sow". We can also
      say symbolicly: a human soul digs some diamonds from the field and
      he knows that he is entitled to (or he must) give them away. When he
      gives one diamond away, he has ten left; the more he gives, the
      richer he becomes.

      Under the influence of Saturn it is as if the human soul is
      there "learning to build a temple". The soul itself is like a stone,
      a burning stone, who lights up other stones and builds a temple. He
      is a creator, but this can't be described using words. And
      the "heavens of Uranus and Neptune" are not really needed yet, their
      influence comes through Mars and Venus.

      Thruthseekers who have really tried to live according the advices
      and ethics given by Jesus Christ can appeal and get help from Him
      after their death. If the seeker knows about Jesus Christ, but is
      obeying some other moral code, he can get to the influence of e.g.
      Moses. Only those seekers who are practicly, in their everyday life,
      following Jesus Christ, can truly meet Him. Then, even in the
      purgatory states, Jesus Christ "shines through as a magnificent,
      forgiving power". Through the inviting power of love can the
      sufferings be won.

      When the soul in heaven comes to the moment of "transfiguration",
      when the soul knows that it is time to return to earth – the soul is
      lead to a wonderful light. It is like coming to a magnificent hall.
      The soul forgets everything and feels like being "an atom in the
      universe". He comes to a Diamond-Hall; and a woundrous book is read
      to him, which includes all his previous incarnations. And then in
      front of the soul is the life, which is now waiting him. A great
      joy, rapture and gratitude fills the soul and the human being
      promises to God:"I want to try my everything in this incarnation".
      This promise is forgotten here in everyday life, but there is still
      a remarkable effect remaining. This has a lot to do with the changes
      in karma; now Christ can "put His mark on us" just before our

      Mr. Ervast has also told about three different kind of "deceased",
      who can enter into the "Christ's heaven": "In the first group can be
      seen souls who wander as if in a golden light, and because this
      light is seen especially around their head as a glory, our own
      thought says to us: they have the "Crown of Life". Then we can see
      deceased, who come simple and humble, but in their heart region
      there is "an open rose". Their aura shines beautitifully light red
      in the chest area. Instictively we know what this is, and we say:
      The Rose of Love has bursted in their heart; they love every living
      being with holy, godly love.

      Then there's still the third group. It seems like they come from far
      away and are very small. We feel inside: They are like children.
      They seem to be mysterious, these are "childsouls", but not
      unevolved. They are "children", because they don't know about evil,
      they don't believe in violence and heartles means. They can be
      percecuted and hurted, but they don't defend themselves, they don't
      do enything evil. They are especially interesting souls in our eyes,
      and we think immediately: they are very evolved souls."

      Hmm, maybe I should have started my "translation practices" on an
      easier subject (and maybe I got "carried away" a bit), but these
      teachings just came to my mind when I was reading Bradford's
      remarkable text.

      Warm Regards
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