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7531Re: [anthroposophy] The initiations and us sinners

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  • Br. Ron
    Jan 25, 2003
          > Bro. Ron bemoans;
          > >God isn't the problem. Our poverty of  devotion and joy is the problem.
      >Gratitude is a combining form of the words 'greatest attitude'
          > >such a state...exalted by it's very lowliness, is the one thing this world
          > >needs desperately. But paradoxically, it only comes by asking...and
          > >that in itself requires a certain humility sorely lacking amongst the
          > >thought junkies and other homeless denizens lost in the ever shifting
          > >patterns of definition.
      > Bradford comments;
      > What constant
      bitter remorse are ye harboring in this our oft repeated
      > mutual love
      for Tolkien, the Inklings All, Nietzsche, Lewis, Barfield, all
      > with
      their wonderous and complex contributions?

      Bitterness?  None, my brother...not much as a mite's worth.
      ...an agenda perhaps...but no acrimony whatsoever.

      Many is the night we puffed
      > smoke over the Ahrimanic overshadowing of
      Nietzsche... and were you not
      > round the campfire when we discussed the
      portrait of the 'double' of Dorian
      > Gray or the marvelous tale of, "The
      Fisherman and His Soul"? Pity, I thought
      > it was you who brought up

      Yes, I remember the embers...and the thoughtful poking.
      I also recall the pubs, the boisterous drafts shared
      and the occasional slap on the scullery maids butt.

      Nor is it without a certain stubbornness that I refuse to
      let some of the less glamorous moments go. The recipe
      of the ages would be less interesting without those goodly
      helpings of pepper.

      The function of the Shadow double isn't lost on me.
      I don't think it necessarily to place him in Hod and
      glamorize him, though. In fact it is dangerous for the
      unwitting. Not unlike putting a pre-pubescent girl alone
      onboard a square rigger with 40 hungry sea dogs.

      > Now, as always, my knee is bent to the
      Christ Being and Lord of the Solar
      > Rings. Yes, each destiny is complex
      and from understanding our diverse human
      > struggles we gain insights
      into the world.. The Lord has made our hearts to
      > love the mysteries
      inside mens souls and the wonders of Nature. For with
      > this gift healing
      and compassion are given direction and insight. When
      > Christ released
      the "Naked Man" were you not here, as we stirred the embers
      > of the
      fire, and talked about the new nature, the Phantom Jupiter Being,
      > that
      now haunts the moral world of humanity, soaking up our vision, art and
      greatness to plant in the future kingdom? Perhaps you had fallen asleep and
      > that sweet smile was merely the kiss of angels as they lifted you to
      > dream...

      I am probably asleep to more things than I am awake to, I'm sure...I think.  :-)

      > I can
      recall my astonishment at your songs, you made me finally get my sound
      blaster system attached so that I could hear your voice.I always had to rush
      > to a neigbor to hear your works and how I have loved them. But now we
      > on what we both believe is true? Or do you have a point to prove
      against the
      > heartless intellects of Steiner students? My intellect and
      my heart go hand
      > in hand and my belief in the not so simple man named
      Jesus has not become
      > less that I contemplate the mystery with ever
      keener eye.

      Bradford. You have taken personally something that wasn't meant for you.
      I do have a thing about 'heartless Steiner students" and this was the intended
      destination of my thrust. But you? My friend, it is not a 'brown nose' that says,
      your heart shines through every word and it has from the very first post. 
       I don't agree with your politics but who gives a shit?  
      The Mercy and Severity Pillars are often at odds. But sooner or later, all
      men of goodwill will find a harmonizing haven in ecstatic Tiphareth.

      America is not mature enough yet to hold the Standard of Philosopher Kings..
      > we must be served by whim, luck and manipulation, but better our eye
      > and our heart know than blame god for our complex evil
      I think you underestimate the forces that set America's wheels in motion.
      Perhaps this is the fruit of your European education. Time will tell, of course.

      It is irresponsible to blame God for anything. 'Is-ness' does nothing. It just Is.
      It is the trespass of "Is NOT-ness" that I find disturbing. Granted, tis but a
      shadow but this doesn't justify ambivalence. There is a place for the Dark
      Doppelganger and it is not before us holding a place of honor. ("get thou behind me....")

      > God is ever in our hearts and actions, and so many call on him/her/it with
      > insincerity and fail to
      observe the constant working of miracle before
      > them..As to Wilde, his
      task and Nietzche's were to project the forces that
      > would overshadow
      the 20th and 21st century.

      No doubt. As was Hitler's. Even more so. Ever read Mein Kampf?
      It is not without it's brilliance!     (let the flames begin)

      > It was no easy matter for Wilde to plumb the
      depths and grapple with
      > the shadow enough to paint him for posterity
      and have high school students
      > have an occult document like "Zanoni"
      before them. Not every soul is destined
      > for such martydom and it goes
      double for Nietzsche - His mind fell to the dark
      > clutches of Sauron and
      we were privy to read exactly what the Lords of Ahriman
      > and his minions
      challenge humanity with.

      Their genius is not at issue. Nor are their offerings un-valuable.
      Nor are they unworthy of compassion.

      It's just that I'm a father...and a grandfather ..and to place those who have fallen
      above the innocent sparkle of men like CS Lewis is to place a stumbling block
      in the paths of our progeny. This is just my opinion... and I could be wrong.
      Like I said there are probably more things that I don't know, than I do know
      and this may be one of them. But the binding in the pit of my stomach associated
      with certain thoughts has yet to misguide me.

      > Nietzsche made us face the false web
      of thoughts we have built up about the simple Jesus Being. He made us aware of the powerful
      > Beings still lurking in our souls. We forgot that Great
      Shadows are waiting
      > for the Human Spirit to come forth and raise nature
      and humanity with the
      > Freedom and Love a God gave

      Yea verily. No question about it.

      Br. Ron
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