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750Re: [anthroposophy]

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  • Jo Ann Schwartz
    Apr 8, 2000
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      Hi Rick,

      I see this problem alot on mailing lists, because it's hard to predict
      what type of mail program all the folks here are using to view their
      mail... If some of us are using text based mail programs-- your art would
      come through as several dozen screens of gibberish...
      Even if one is using a web based mail program, if one subscribes to the
      digest, one may not see the art--- but just the gibberish... This can also
      be a problem with word-processed documents (MS Word or WordPerfect, for
      instance) sent as attachements. It is generally better to post a link to
      the page with the art offer to send the text offlist, if that is possible.


      --- Richard Distasi <radistasi@...> wrote:
      > spindi111: I'm Rick Distasi and I'm the individual who has sent the last
      > two pieces of e-art (as I call it). I am new to the e-group and I
      > thought I would move into the group by sending these pieces to see what
      > kind of response I would get if any. It didn't occur to me that anyone
      > would be offended or upset by the pieces. As anthroposophists I thought
      > that a couple of pieces of art by Raphael and Steiner's Representative
      > of Man would be something different to digest. Dialogue is healthy but
      > so is art. I apologize for overlooking how this may be received and if
      > others are of the same opinion please let me know and I will desist.
      > [Rick Distasi]

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