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7354Re: [anthroposophy] Back to the Blacksmith

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  • Br. Ron
    Jan 3, 2003
              >>These 'mystics live well into their 90s and many are over 100. 
             >>are amongst the healthiest humanity has to offer. A mystical life
              >>of devotion and prayer DOES bring health to the life processes.

          >Excuse me in advance Br.Ron if I jump in in your duel with Joel
          >but since I live in a country full of Cistercian and Benedectine
          >monasteries i have the duty to give you (and the list) the other
          >side of the coin.

          >A while ago i spent a time in Uliveto's Monte Maggiore Monastery in Toscana -
          >(I presently use to spend some weekend in the S.Benedetto Monastery
          > near Subiaco) and the Abate ("Commander in Chief") opened his heart
          > and told me about, with deep grief- of the decadence of the institutions
          > he had to lead.
      As an Abbot, I can imagine his heart was surely broken.

      >Homosexuality,Alcoholism, Lack of Religious life, Politicism : those are the
          >monsters that, as he stated, show presently the decadence of the traditional
          >spiritual life and the hard times that is now living such a once powerful
          >religious brotherood here in Italy.
      Thanks for your input, Andrea.
      While these things were seldom an issue in my monastery
      I do know they exist in some others. Not only the Church,
      but institutionalism itself is being purged these days.
      Monks are like Anthroposophists. There are good ones and bad ones.
      I wasn't however promoting monasteries as a solution to the world's ills
      but simply making the point that a devout life of mystical prayer is
      indeed a healthy one, if earnestly adhered to. (in contradistinction to
      Joel's 'true believer' assertion that only AP was health producing while
      mystical devotion was not)
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