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7348Re: [anthroposophy] Back to the Blacksmith

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  • Br. Ron
    Jan 2, 2003
          > As to politics, this is an anthroposophy list,
          > not a political list and those are two very different things.

      Perhaps so but you certainly react to the political
      topics as if it were...
          > As to insisting I don't read well, then perhaps you don't write very
          > well.  Someone want to explain what Br. Ron means here in plain English,
          > and why he isn't an isolationist?
      Behold! I am told it really is possible to turn lead into crystal
      so is the core of my post for the 3rd time:

      I said, "We have no business interfering where we aren't wanted.
      But we have no business NOT interfering where we are
      genuinely needed, either."

      This is pretty plain, aint it?  What part of this are you having
      trouble with? Where is the isolationism in these words?
      Joel, grab your dictionary and look up the word 'sophomoric'
      and you just may find your picture there.
      I could just as easily have asked "Will someone explain to me in
      plain English if Joel has quit beating his wife, yet" but that
      would be equally as sophomoric.
          > As to quoting Steiner on the ethereal, I don't think I could find
          > anything to support your view, when of course you are the one insisting
          > you know what is true here.  I feel no need to prove to you you don't
          > understand the ethereal at all, but you need to prove to me you know
          > something about it, rather then assert it.
      You challenged my position. The burden of proof is therefore
      yours. But of course we both know you can't so I shall allow
      you to gracefully bow out of this embarrassing fax pax.

          > One of Steiner's tasks was to lay the foundation for a true science of
          > life, which means leading people to how to think about the ethereal so
          > that they have real knowledge rather then vague mysticism, which is
          > useless for bringing health to life processes.
      Have you ever been to a Cistercian monastery? These 'mystics
      live well into their 90s and many are over 100. These men
      are amongst the healthiest humanity has to offer. A mystical life
      of devotion and prayer DOES bring health to the life processes.
      But you would have to experience what I'm talking about, not
      just read about it.
          > What are the Four Ethers?  Where are the Ether boundaries (there are
          > four - and they meet longitudinally) covering the earth?  What is the
          > source of the Ethereal Formative Forces?  Where does the ethereal
          > concentrate on the Plant?  What is the relationship between the ethereal
          > and projective geometry? Why is the ethereal body of the liver larger
      > than the physical organ itself?  Are you familiar with
          > (sorry for the bad spelling folks) book on the Ethereal Formative Forces
          > and the Cosmos?  How about Adam's book on Physical and Ethereal Spaces,
          > or his truly remarkable Space in the Light of Creation?  Have you read
          > Adam's and Whicher's The Plant Between the Sun and the Earth?  What is
      > the relationship between the Sun and the ethereal forces?  What
          > negative space?  What is the relationship between potentization and
          > formative forces?  Why does the BD farmer spray small amounts of mists
          > over his fields?  What is the purpose of the "broadcasting" device
          > certain BD farmers now use?  How does Margarethe Hauschka's Rhythmical
          > Message influence the ethereal body of the human being?  What is the
      > threefold organism in mammals and man, and how does the
          > influence this form-structure? Oh great expert on esoterics, please
          > speak, your fan club is waiting.
      Yaaaawwwwn...(snort) Huh?...Oh!...excuse me...uh, where were we?
      Oh yeah, actually, as I was saying, I have great compassion for 
      your predicament.
      It's like the poor guy who spent his whole life reading about
      how to play the piano. Then when his recital debut finally arrived,
      all he could do is sit there and explain to the audience how pianos
      are played.
      I am starting to see a genuine pathology amongst many
      self proclaimed Anthroposophists...and that is this:
      Not a one of them has ever had an original thought!
      ..... they sure are good at aping Steiner, though.
      This of course is the very antithesis of what RS himself wanted
      for his students, isn't it?  
      Oh oh!..."Houston...we have a problem"......(back to the
      instruction manual).
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