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7345Re: [anthroposophy] Back to the Blacksmith

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  • Br. Ron
    Jan 3, 2003
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      From: "Joel Wendt" <hermit@...>
          > I set this one aside, because I wanted to keep separate discussions of
          > anthroposophy and of politics.  As you probably don't know, Steiner
          > stated at the Christmas Conference that "politics was not the mission of
          > the anthroposophical movement".  If you would like to understand why
          > this is so, you might read the three lectures published under the title:
          > "The Inner Aspect of the Social Question", which provides the basis for
          > Steiner's admonition.
      Joel...talk to me...please...if there is a turd on the kitchen table
      you don't need to quote Steiner on why it doesn't belong there.
      If you want to keep politics separate from our discussions then
      just do it....yourself...without Steiner...You can do it on your
      own, Joel......I know you can! 
          > This doesn't mean there aren't people with political "missions", but
          > what that is about and why is a whole other question.
      OK..then let's move on..I'm fine with that.

          > What I would like is for you to demonstrate that you know anything about
          > my "politics".  Again, you make assertions about my ideas, and indulge
          > in name calling, but that is neither rational or instructive - it is
          > just empty talk.
      Oh...so you DO want to talk about politics. As you wish.
      The truth is, I know nothing about your politics, Joel except what

          > What is the main impulse of my political work?  And, why is it defective
          > in any way?
      I never said it was. In fact, I rather think you have some viable political
      qualities. (You do show a tad of spunk and perseverance)
      I probably would even go so far as to say that you might even
      make a better president than many we have had, so far. 
      I am not opposed to you Joel. In fact, we probably have more in
      common than you would like to admit.
      We both liked to hang out in Montana,...we both smoked a lot
      of dope in the 70s.....We both have egos the size of a Buick.
      But until you remove your head from the Southern orifice of that
      North bound mule and come down from that wearisome, overcrowded 
      Anthroposophical ivory tower of pseudo-intellectual superiority,
      you won't even make it to the Powder Puff Derby.
      There is hope, however...We'll start by leaning you up against a tree
      and hosing you off...then a shave, a haircut and a new suit...
      Then we can get you a bunch of books on how to kiss babies, etc.
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