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7339Re: [anthroposophy] Back to the Blacksmith

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  • Joel Wendt
    Jan 2 5:33 PM
      On Thu, 2003-01-02 at 16:12, Br. Ron wrote:

      > Oh, I take real ideas concerning our national and global well being
      > VERY seriously. But so far, I find yours to generate about the same
      > response in me as a rubber chicken in the Crock-pot.

      I set this one aside, because I wanted to keep separate discussions of
      anthroposophy and of politics. As you probably don't know, Steiner
      stated at the Christmas Conference that "politics was not the mission of
      the anthroposophical movement". If you would like to understand why
      this is so, you might read the three lectures published under the title:
      "The Inner Aspect of the Social Question", which provides the basis for
      Steiner's admonition.

      This doesn't mean there aren't people with political "missions", but
      what that is about and why is a whole other question.

      What I would like is for you to demonstrate that you know anything about
      my "politics". Again, you make assertions about my ideas, and indulge
      in name calling, but that is neither rational or instructive - it is
      just empty talk.

      What is the main impulse of my political work? And, why is it defective
      in any way?

      yours for a renewal of the Republic,
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