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  • elaineupton2001 <elaineupton@hotmail.com>
    Jan 2, 2003
      Hello all of this rather ragged thread,

      IN an attempt, i believe, to bring some clarity to the discussion of
      "the" path or "a" path, Jeff writes and asks:

      > Okay. The gauntlet is down. Every AP who chooses, please explain in
      brief, what is an Anthroposophist?
      > Steiner quotes okay.
      > JLA

      Thanks, Jeff. I am not sure I care to run a gauntlet, but I find your
      question important. I suppose there will be as many different answers
      to "what is an anthroposophist" as there are people here. I would
      tend to listen to those who have much experience in committed study
      of Steiner and students of steiner, and those who answer this
      question based on dilletantism (lack of commitment to the work of
      Steiner) I would tend to ignore.

      My own answer is not a simple one (maybe if I were wiser the answer
      would be simple--smile). My own answer is also incomplete, and is
      evolving. Just these past nights (and as the clock struck 12 January
      1, 2003), I was reading from STeiner how since the famous Christmas
      Conference (1925) he united his personal karma with that of the
      Anthroposophic Society (when he became President) and that he also
      said that the Anthroposophic *Movement* from thenceforth could no
      longer be separated from the Anthroposophic *Society*. This has been
      a sticky point for many. In this vein, Steiner also speaks of the
      being of Anthroposophia (the latest and most significant
      manifestation of the being who was Mary-Sophia and later Phil-Sophia
      in the Greek period of the Intellectual Soul). Steiner says that in
      the *Movement* (and thus in the Society?), we are a small group at
      first, and that it is important that in all we do we call upon she
      who is a real, living Being, Anthroposophia. A real living being,
      manifest and re-born in the Spiritual Hierarchies since the turn of
      the 18-19th century. We must, he says, must call upon her and seek
      her guidance in all we do. She will answer us as from our deep inner
      being, as ourselves, our true selves.

      I'd say that for me an Anthroposophist is one who calls upon and
      lives intimately with the being, the living being, Anthroposophia.
      For guidance, we can study Steiner (not blindly, but with loving
      questions), and Steiner's work (flawed perhaps in some cases, but
      overall deeply rich) helps us learn more of how to listen for
      Anthroposophia, and she is the bearer of the Etheric Christ. She is
      that Wisdom within us--*within us*--the Wisdom within, the Divine
      Feminine, who with The Father, works, and she bears the Etheric
      Christ, the Christ manifest in our Time...and the Christ whom Michael
      serves. There are big questions of evolution, race, time, nation,
      geography, cosmic events. These are the ones that Anthroposophia
      helps us understand and work rightly with. Steiner's work is most
      often an immensely helpful companion and guide.

      This is how I see myself, imperfectly as yet, as an Anthroposophist...

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