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6930Poem by Gustav Sandgren (Re: Mary M and Anfortas)

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  • Bradford Riley
    Dec 15, 2002
      From: S�ren Groth <sgroth@...>
      >Subject: [anthroposophy] Poem by Gustav Sandgren (Re: Mary M and Anfortas)
      >Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 19:16:48 -0000

      Please note attached picture does not imply future metamorphosis, however in
      something of to grow out of one Sentient fleshy skin into a higher sphere
      along with the transformation of the endocrine system, allows the
      imagination merely to look at wonders - odd as they may be.

      >Deep in your bosom
      >hidden door to light
      >Deep in your blood
      >song of a becoming God
      >Some day - a shell of flesh
      >as catterpillar transformed
      >and winged you will embark
      >unto the realm of certainty
      >Recognize your dark night
      >Acknowledge the mould that will create
      >Behold your dream
      >that awaits in the depths of your loins
      >Carry it to light
      >Carry it in raptorous hands
      >Wreathe your lust
      >THAT is the blood of the flowers
      >Gustav Sandgren 1945
      > (translation S�ren & Ashley)

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