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6687Re: [anthroposophy] The Magdalen--Gold or Black?-Re: Mary M and Anfortas

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  • Bradford Riley
    Dec 6, 2002
      From: "elaineupton2001" <elaineupton@...>
      >Subject: [anthroposophy] The Magdalen--Gold or Black?-Re: Mary M and

      Elaine, not only would I hope you find the poem, but there are enormous
      riches you have wrought here and I shall attempt to weave some comments
      about the Occult Vision Grunewald brought in in relation to how the
      Mary/Sophia in pale, bloodless faint, falling off center of the Spine and
      how John- Lazarus/John is assigned the Sophia mysteries as the support.
      While drawn, kneeling, hands wringing, knotted, Magdalene is depicted. Mary
      M and Mary Mother of Jesus, can be understood in the Goethean sense as blood
      pale, drained and the other gushing.

      Novels developing in brains, rich with Spiritual Science lore, might look
      upon the Astral Body of Jesus and the Magdalene Individual and imagine, I
      mean, merely think into the idea of how would such a soul, in such linked
      Initiation of Seeing and Hearing.. how would such an Astral body appear out
      of sheer love? Let me say that St. Francis crossed my mind in following
      Magdalene's love and the Astral body of the Buddha. Naturally this might
      take some of the hot air out of the baloon, but on the other hand, in terms
      of Novel and fiction, one can see such a powerful resonation between the
      pupil who we know adored Buddha and sought his etheric body out in a mystery
      center by the black sea, and we know St. Francis only incarnated one other
      time as a small baby and didn't stay on earth long.. and now works with
      Buddha on Mars. How great is Love? How great is devotion? Also what a
      kindling of each other to attain deeper riches. What a change in perspective
      of how Love remains deeper, burning brighter.. but still Love.

      But these thoughts are places of higher intuition, not any place that the
      fallen Intellectual Soul has interest in. In fact, the consequences of
      Spiritual Science on thinking, history and the potential of seeing things in
      a new light, is still transforming the world. It still urks souls very
      deeply that they cannot even get on board what deep meaning Kundry or
      Magdalene might reveal in the ability of the Male animus in the female body
      to rise in itself into higher Vetical levels of Initiation. Paving the way
      to see how love grows deeper beyond the sexes into the realm where
      Initiation is the truest recognition of Love and Devotion, that also kindles
      fruits of higher spriritual development in the vertical regions above the
      Consciousness Soul. For at some point, rising higher means going deeper.

      Thank You Elaine.

      Magdalene is
      >the transformed dark womb of Earth, and the darkness becomes
      >illuminated in Gold--Gold (whose brightness is also expressed in a
      >kind of white-gold, like the Sun, but it is not an abstract white--
      >masculine, but touched with the Dark of Earth, thus, the Gold that is
      >deeper). But she is also the redeemer, bringing the
      >abstract "whiteness" down into the dark realm of the vaginal
      >mouth/cave and the womb, the warm heart/h of Earth.
      >I don't know where the "dumb blond" belongs in world mythology. But I
      >don't think she's Mary Magdalene. I was born a woman this time round,
      >and there is a hearing that is in the dark womb--the womb has ears,
      >so to say....... Perhaps the dumb blond idea, which many of us,
      >including me, have absorbed to a degree, is an invention of a mind
      >that is afraid of, or a stranger to, the dark power of the womb.
      : the colors are gold, gold-white,
      >red, and there is the dark background, with touches of green (Earth?)
      >Red--a kind of blood. I see this now as actually not so much darkness
      >transformed, but as "white" transformed, tinged with gold, deepened
      >in its contact with Earth

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