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6653Re: Mary M and Anfortas

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  • elaineupton2001
    Dec 6, 2002
      Thanks, danny. You write (in reply to my question on the relationship
      of Mary M and Amfortas, wounded fisher king):

      > In the "What ails thee?", if one wants to speak from the Heart
      > What aches thee:
      > King Kong over Psyche.
      > The Eternal Feminine leads us here into Wound, into Cry over the
      Soiling of Beauty,
      > Mode-earn Ring of Power UnRomantic society...

      Yes, this is helpful Parsifal is the one who needs to ask the
      question "what ails thee", but is it, then, the Eternal Feminine, the
      Heart/h, the Mary Magdalene in Parsifal?

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