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6633Re: Re[2]: [anthroposophy] question about physical Universe

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Dec 6, 2002
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      mzyaso@... writes:
      >>   Recently I read in Steiner's lectures about karma relationships that
      >>   there is no physical matter outside Earth - only at least etheric.
      >>   And he repeated this statement several times. Maybe I incorrectly
      >>   interpreted his words? Or really he thought this way?
      >> Best regards,
      >> Myaso                            mailto:mzyaso@...

      Dac> ********You read quite correctly, my friend. Matter as it behaves on earth is
      Dac> found only on earth; even on the other planets close to the earth it will be
      Dac> found to behave differently, and it becomes more and more so that further
      Dac> away you go. Our Ahrimanic illusionary science of course believes the exact
      Dac> opposite, and so distorts and misinterprets all the evidence which shows the
      Dac> truth, from sunspots to the braided rings of Saturn; but the surrounding
      Dac> universe is not at all like the three-dimensional picture of it we are able
      Dac> to obtain from within our solar system, and all the proud scientific
      Dac> framework of the life and deaths of stars and grand cosmological schemes
      Dac> built up in the last 200 years or so are the merest fantasy-- -- -- which the
      Dac> beings called the Gnomes, who make it all appear that way, find vastly
      Dac> amusing, as can be found in Steiner's fourth Mystery Play.

      BUT what can you say about stones which were brought from the Moon?
      They looks and behaves like earth matter. And photos and data from
      Mars and Venus also shows that matter is quite like that on Earth.
      That's why I ask. It seems to me unclear.
      Best regards,

      *******We have as yet only been personally to the moon, and landed machines on Mars and Venus, all of which are very close to this earthly sphere. Matter becomes more and more like it is on earth the closer one comes to it; hence the so-called "inner planets" of Mercury, Venus and Mars all have some solid state of substance. Once you pass outside of the asteroid belt, however, clearly the planets are quite different, but materialistic ideas minimize the differences and try to grasp them as being something like our local environment. (The same with the Sun, which we imagine to be a ball of burning gas.) Steiner said that Jupiter is composed only of warmth and air, while Saturn is composed only of warmth. The mind that can only think of "particles" sees particles everywhere, so it says that's what Saturn's rings must be composed of, the bodies of comets must be gas and dust, etc. What is actually evidence that there is no material dimension is interpreted as meaning it's there, but just very fine. The observed phenomena which do not agree with the ruling paradigm are "damned", to use Charles Fort's phrase.

         Moreover, although the Moon's matter is in a solid state, it already shows great differences from earthly matter, and more will be discovered the more we examine it. This is even more true of the substance of Venus and Mars. Scientists working under the materialistic paradigm are looking for the similarities, not the differences, so that's all they appear to find. Look up the braided rings of Saturn, for instance, and how that was suppressed.

      Dr. Starman
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