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6606The Magdalen--Gold or Black?-Re: Mary M and Anfortas

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  • elaineupton2001
    Dec 5, 2002
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      Hello brave Bradford, dazzling Danny, and all,

      This is my second question--or set of questions and comments-- to
      youtoday on this thread, Bradford, Danny, and all interested. I
      already asked in another post today about the Amfortas-Magdalene
      connection that your subject headings suggests, and about the figures
      in the painting as you see it.

      Now, to your other post on the Magdalene. Thanks for the rich
      insights on Clairaudience! The Magadalene HEARS ("S/he that hath ears
      to hear, let her hear."). By the way, I wrote a poem once about the
      Magdalene and that marvelous day when she heard the Master call her
      name. I'll see if I can find it... --Anyway, my question is on what
      you write here (where you answer part of my previous question about
      the painting). You write:

      > Getting closer to the mood that Magdalene carries is brought home
      > Grunewald's painting of Magdalene. Here the dumb blond, the
      > Intelligence, is caught on canvas, by an occultist, Grunewald, with
      > Lazarus/John and the already departed John The Baptist, along with
      > Mary Magdalene below the Cross.
      > To imagine the Astral body going through an Alchemical
      > of this magnitude is to add to Danny's perception that Mary
      > was the most transformed Sentient/Astral and emotive intelligence
      > yet. The quivering ringing forces that allow our hearts to see in
      > Tragedy and loss and devastation of loved ones, see the actual
      > and spiritual world, was in high quivering resonation in Magdalene
      > after Golgotha. ((...))

      And later you say:
      >((..)) Golden emotional content. This Golden force is seen in how
      >Jesus approaches Magdalene about her adultery. Magdalene was
      >initiated in female mysteries of the body and was not merely a
      >whore.((...)) And the deeper female mysteries of the body were part
      >of Magdalene's living substance, her golden, shimmering, dumb blond
      >Astral Body ((...))***********

      Actually, the Magdalene's head (--both female figures' heads--are
      covered in the painting (smile). About the "dumb blond" aspect, I
      would raise a question. Is she really "dumb blond"? --I see the
      Magdalene as much more connected to the Black Madonna, or the Senora
      Nuestra de Guadelupe--not exactly her as in all representations of
      her in the Church, but as a metamorphosis of, or an expression of, a
      copy, in the positive sense, of her...She is the feminine that is
      transformed and redeemed, or said in another way, the Magdalene is
      the transformed dark womb of Earth, and the darkness becomes
      illuminated in Gold--Gold (whose brightness is also expressed in a
      kind of white-gold, like the Sun, but it is not an abstract white--
      masculine, but touched with the Dark of Earth, thus, the Gold that is
      deeper). But she is also the redeemer, bringing the
      abstract "whiteness" down into the dark realm of the vaginal
      mouth/cave and the womb, the warm heart/h of Earth.

      I don't know where the "dumb blond" belongs in world mythology. But I
      don't think she's Mary Magdalene. I was born a woman this time round,
      and there is a hearing that is in the dark womb--the womb has ears,
      so to say....... Perhaps the dumb blond idea, which many of us,
      including me, have absorbed to a degree, is an invention of a mind
      that is afraid of, or a stranger to, the dark power of the womb.

      Still, I find your post full of riches, especially for example when
      you speak of the Consciousness Soul ( a topic I am hot on lately),
      and you write of Spiritual Science and of present day conventional
      (fallen) education:

      > difference between normal fallen education and real education.
      > Presently real education is mere Intellectual Soul hog slop that
      > passes for news or Jerry Springer, "Magdalene nightmares".
      > But here it gets complicated. Golgotha is complicated and those who
      > want simple answers to the most complicated event of Mankind, had
      > better grow into the Consciousness Soul, for Spiritual Science
      > on the Intellectual Soul and releases vast, higher research works
      > from the higher regions of soul development awaiting our lumbering,
      > exaperating, egotistical cunning.

      Yes, I presently teach part-time in a college and much of what goes
      on is what I would call deeply, tragically "fallen education." --
      Moreover, about Spiritual Science, yes, it is rich that you point out
      that it stands on the "Intellectual Soul," and that is, it seems to
      me, where so many anthropops become stuck, in that Intellectual Soul
      (I.S) phase, without evolving on to the cumulative experience
      provided in the Consciousness Soul--C.S. (the C.S. does not cancel
      the I.S., I see, but subsumes and transforms it, it seems to me...)

      A note on the Grunewald painting: the colors are gold, gold-white,
      red, and there is the dark background, with touches of green (Earth?)
      Red--a kind of blood. I see this now as actually not so much darkness
      transformed, but as "white" transformed, tinged with gold, deepened
      in its contact with Earth. EArth is the giver, dark Earth, the dark
      Womb of birth, and as you, Bradford, point out, amazingly, and
      bravely: Mary M. initiates Jesus!--So, this crucified Christ and Mary
      M. are fulfillments of each other, give to each other, initiate each
      other. What a different idea of Marriage!

      ((Also, this point of Mary M. initiating Jesus reminds me of ancient
      practices where a wise woman initiates young men into the sexual
      mysteries. Of course, today, there are other needs, because we

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