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  • holderlin66
    Dec 4, 2002
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      Additions to Magdalene research

      Danny brought something interesting about the cleansing of the
      > Sentient Soul forces of Magdalene recently. This insight brings us
      > the Astral Body, and Gullvieg Gold problem. In Biblical studies
      > we want to isolate the Purification of the Astral body and connect
      > with why Magdalene was allowed to SEE/Hear in the occult sense, the
      > Newly Born Spirit Man, the future Human Being the walking, talking
      > Resurrected New Human Immortal Form ahead of others?

      Further Research

      In the complex workings of the Golgotha Event riddles of research
      continue to occupy our minds. First, if you are just entering into
      discussions of the Golgotha Event, your tools of research are still
      working with Dear Jesus. But Dear Jesus includes Dear Buddha, Dear
      Zarathustra and Dear John. Now I don't wish to make lite of the
      complexities of the Golgotha event, which seemed so simple when you
      were a child and thought like a child and spoke like a child, but the
      Golgotha Events are the most complicated threads to untangle.


      One of those threads continues to focus our attention on how Mary
      Magdalene was given the first Occult hearing and Occult Seeing
      baptism of the Vulcan Being of the Resurrected Christ Human Form. To
      attain Occult Hearing, as in St. Paul, when he heard Christ in the
      tones of who it was who was harming him.. you see we have Occult
      Hearing as a capacity, clairaudience indicates certain attainment in
      occult development.

      The intuitive art of "clear hearing" an inner or outer "voice" or
      sound for divination purposes. Clairaudience by itself is quite rare
      in comparison to Clairvoyance. The best known clairaudient in the
      western world is probably Joan of Arc, who heard voices urging her to
      perform a special task.

      But now we can list, Mary Magdalene-St.Paul and Joan of Arc as well
      as Whoopi Goldberg in the wonderful and semi-serious film, "Ghost".
      But the point is that Mary Magdalene Heard occultly and saw occultly
      after, a day after, the anguishing and harrowing catastrophe she
      experienced just an evening earlier. Had she slept at all? Did she
      wander in stunned numbness, as we do with death, tragedy etc.?
      Getting closer to the mood that Magdalene carries is brought home by
      Grunewald's painting of Magdalene. Here the dumb blond, the emotional
      Intelligence, is caught on canvas, by an occultist, Grunewald, with
      Lazarus/John and the already departed John The Baptist, along with
      Mary Magdalene below the Cross.

      To imagine the Astral body going through an Alchemical transformation
      of this magnitude is to add to Danny's perception that Mary Magdalene
      was the most transformed Sentient/Astral and emotive intelligence
      yet. The quivering ringing forces that allow our hearts to see in the
      Tragedy and loss and devastation of loved ones, see the actual occult
      and spiritual world, was in high quivering resonation in Magdalene
      after Golgotha. Hamlet with the loss of his beloved, true Father, is
      able to see beyond the threshold, along with others who had mourned
      the loss as well. As stated, the Intellectual Soul wants to make
      light of this world and does not want to include it in real
      education. For souls like Sarah and Horatio we need to underline the
      difference between normal fallen education and real education.
      Presently real education is mere Intellectual Soul hog slop that
      passes for news or Jerry Springer, "Magdalene nightmares".

      But here it gets complicated. Golgotha is complicated and those who
      want simple answers to the most complicated event of Mankind, had
      better grow into the Consciousness Soul, for Spiritual Science stands
      on the Intellectual Soul and releases vast, higher research works
      from the higher regions of soul development awaiting our lumbering,
      exaperating, egotistical cunning.

      Jesus/has the emotional Astral Body of the Buddha Being. Highly
      transformed. So we have to digest the fact that Magdalene and Jesus,
      as has been indicated in many movies relating to Magdalene and Jesus
      that a link to Golden Emotional content exists. This Golden force is
      seen in how Jesus approaches Magdalene about her adultry.

      Magdalene was initiated in female mysteries of the body and was not
      merely a whore, or ran a whorehouse, rather the cultural mysteries of
      the female and the deeper female mysteries of the body were part of
      Magdalene's living substance, her golden, shimmering, dumb blond
      Astral body. Magdalene annoints Christ, Initiates the real "Washing
      of the Feet" ceremony that Christ takes up at the Last Supper. The
      annointing of precious oil on the feet and hair as an Initiation
      statement came out of the deep forces of the heart of Magdalene.
      Really, we could go very deeply into how Jesus/Buddha felt the full
      stream of Higher Compassion awake in Him, great cosmic emotional
      tides that brought us to the Initiate level experience of "The
      Washing of the Feet" as an etheric slate cleaning that would put the
      footsteps of the destiny of an individual on constant compass toward
      the Christ event. Think of it!

      But since this powerful transformation of the Astral Hearing and
      Seeing of Christ is given to Magdalene, as she is baptized first, she
      also baptized Jesus with oils first. Now my point is to bring the
      Gold forces, the shimmering hair, and the full emotional intelligence
      of the Astral body that Mary Magdalene offers to the Golgotha Mystery
      as ancient Aprhodite, as Good Freya and Good Friday, the most tragic
      and stunning emotionally wringing event of Magdalene's biography, is
      crowned by Occult Seeing and Occult Hearing.

      So in this potent Astral Transformation into Gold Perception we have
      to do with the power of the Golden vision and the Sun Being. Since
      Odhinn and Buddha the foundation and background of the Jesus Astral
      Body, we come to a connection between Gulvieg and Magdalene. From the
      fallen infected Astral, luciferically tainted forces, of the witch
      Gulvieg, who was clearly in the Odhinn spiritual structure... Odhinn
      and his psychic structure and the Norse Gods are really the tableau
      of the psychic body of the developed human spirit, when all is said
      and done. Gulveig is that part of the Astral forces that have fallen
      into the false vanity of Gold. We encounter this Gold in "The Green
      Snake and Beautiful Lily" and we see how the transformation of this
      Gold is Steiner's most important riddle.

      So, here we come to some deeper secrets regarding Norse mythology,
      Gulvieg the witch, who Odhinn burns three times in the fire, He tries
      to cleanse the infection in the Astral body that will hinder humanity
      as they try to Think and See the Gold of the Risen Christ. So Danny
      suggested and I concur, that Mary Magdalene had the most powerfully
      transformed Emotive, Sentient Soul on the Planet. This comes very
      close to the Manas of Parsifal and Kundry. Was Magdalene the former
      Golden Girl, Gulvieg, that Jesus/Odhinn identified and transformed,
      and does the Emotive, Heart Intelligence now have an Initiate of the
      transformed level of Gulvieg the Fallen witch, who recognized the
      Gold of the Risen Christ first?

      Some older insights connected to this idea:


      "There is a suggestive connection between Loki and Gullveig, who
      thirst for gold and who was instrumental in instigating the primal
      war in
      heaven between the Vanir and the Aesir -- powers that refused to
      imbody, and
      powers that brought creation into being. There are, as always, a
      number of
      meanings to every myth. Gullveig is in one sense the parallel of the
      Oriental concept trishna, thirst for life, and may also apply to
      greed for
      wealth and other possessions; however it must certainly pertain also
      to the
      yearning for wisdom in the human mind. The alchemists used the same
      idea in
      their laboratory retorts, physical and symbolic. In the Edda tale,
      is hoisted over the fire on the spears of the gods -- thrice burnt,
      reborn, this Norse phoenix emerges with each purification more
      beautiful. On
      the opposite side of the coin, her name has been associated with
      and sorcery -- she is much in demand among evil peoples, for the gold
      wisdom can have many uses. In planet earth, deposits of gold are said
      to be
      the tears shed by Freya while she awaits her lover -- humanity -- who
      her throughout the worlds. When reunited, she becomes Menglad --

      the three sisters who gaze respectively into the Past, the
      Present, and the Future -- make known the decree of Fate (Karma,
      Orlog), but
      men are conscious only of the Present. But when Gultweig comes (the
      ore) "the bewitching enchantress who, thrice cast into the fire,
      arises each
      time more beautiful, and fills the souls of gods and men with
      longing, then the Norns . . . enter into being, and the blessed peace
      childhood's dreams passes away, and Sin comes into existence with all
      evil consequences . . ." and KARMA (See "Asgard and the Gods," p. 10-
      The thrice purified Gold is -- Manas, the Conscious Soul..."

      Gold was something very different in the Halls of the Norse Gods, at
      time. Now Danny was describing the descent and now we ascribe to the
      of Gold. Here is the riddle. The Fall of Gold, the greed of Gold
      with Gulveig the Witch.

      But notice that she is set in the fire three times. Finally this Gold
      appears as Manas... Manas is really Spirit Self and since the quote
      taken from Blavatsky, we can now add something to how the gold is
      given the
      quality we have been indicating for weeks. "The New Gold Standard of
      Heart". Words and Thoughts that have the Etheric Christ in them and
      that we
      are the new Gold Standard.

      The Witch Gulveig infects the heavens with a false Gold Idea as man's
      body descends. It so happens that there are three fires of the Astral
      that Gulveig must be burned in to make this new Gold.

      At first the Teenage gets an Astral Body - its is certainly fallen
      fools gold with mixed substance in it.

      Later the Sentient Soul period begins to transmute this gold, and
      this gold from the initial thrust into the body of the sizzling,
      fires of the astral body.

      This refinement of Gold continues through the Intellectual and
      Soul.. at this level.. the Third offical bath, the Manas quality of
      Gold has
      achieved something like Angelic Thinking and certainly the Etheric
      Standard we are aiming at. This part of the biography is Spirit Self

      So Astral body
      Sentient body
      Spirit Self

      Three fires but during each one is refining the essence of the Gold
      substance in oneself so one can see, hear, sense and become the new
      Standard for Earth.


      "despite the "pleasing prophecies" she made in Stanza 22 of the lay.
      Puhvel translates Gullveig's name into "gold drunk". (Puhvel, 211).
      The gods
      even went so far as to take three attempts on her life by burning,
      all of
      which failed.

      Unlike the volva in Balder's Draumar, who is summoned from the dead
      Odhinn against her will to give prophecy , with every word coming in
      reluctance (Ellis, 153), Gullveig's words are calculated. She offers
      types of mantic wisdom to Odhinn. Hilda Roderick Ellis describes
      these as
      "knowledge of the past being as important to the future, and both
      revealed by one special wisdom beyond the reach of gods and men
      alike; for
      the volva having traced the history of the worlds proceeds to outline
      ultimate destiny." (Ellis, 153).

      Gullveig has summoned Odhinn for a meeting. Odin has attended, but
      both are
      aware of the motives involved, as it is inherent to the natures of
      figures. Gullveig and Odhinn are equals on many levels, although Odin
      far higher social standing, power, and wealth. One striking parallel
      is that
      both have made a startling personal sacrifice resulting mythic
      transformation in order to attain wisdom.

      To Odhinn, it was his hanging on Yggdrasil and his enlightened
      self-sacrifice of his eye in order to attain the runes. This is one
      sacrifice that clearly paid off and has given him immeasurable
      including the eighteen rune charms referenced in the Havamal that
      allow him
      to unlock the figurative DNA to the universe, a gift passed along to
      gods, and through Heimdall to humans as discussed in the Eddic lay

      Gullveig learned of the end of the world and all of its horrors. She
      how to attain some level of resistance to mortality and excellent
      and shamanic skills. Her mythic transformation was to be speared and
      burning. Voluspa Stanza 21 states "

      Casting out 7 entrenched addictive forces in the Sentient Soul, 7
      > fallen devachan forces that are the shadow side of the higher
      > development of the Spirit Self, meant that Mary Magdalene had a
      > cleared mirror. She wept anguishing tears before the Mystery of
      > Golgotha. Her Passion and the higher purification of her soul was
      > quivering with the highest resonation of un-joy. Of Loss, of agony,
      > of empathy, of the abyss of what if nothing, what if never again?
      > Her Golden Hair, her Gullveig like entrenched witch force of Astral
      > addiction went through a thrice great purification, her, like our
      > shadow side, seeds of astral addictive personality dysfunction,
      > experienced what in the Astral body is sheer Love. Not only was
      > M. Madame M. Butterfly in the family of Lazarus, as sister to
      > and Laz, but as we all know, was intimate in the core focus of what
      > was shimmering in the Astral Body and Noble Identity of the Human
      > Being she thought she had in front of her. Her heart told her
      > that were higher than her head. She, like other deluded girl and
      > friend relatinships, Mary M, thought she had the True Divine Man
      > worthy of worship and adoration in front of her. The Astral body
      > such rehersals in all of our relationships.

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