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  • Br. Ron
    Dec 4, 2002
      You know something, Bradford?
      I hate war.
      I hate the bloody onslaught much the same way
      I hate radical surgery and hospitals.
      Nor should either be undertaken from strictly
      a point of passion.
      Only full consciousness has the discernment and
      authority necessary to distinguish and exorcise
      the tumor from healthy tissue.
      Nor are all egregore bad.
      After all, one's body is an egregore of cells just
      as one's individual character is an egregore of personalities.
      There is a time for well placed patriotism
      whether it be for the national collective
      or the personal one.
      And you are correct my dear friend.
      Brutal self examination is required
      in all such cases of martial activity.
      In our prognosis let us remember that
      while it is deadly to destroy healthy tissue
      it is equally deadly NOT to destroy that
      which is malignant.
      Hence, the wise are neither 'conservative' nor 'liberal.'
      The wise are kings.
      And 'heavy is the head that wears the crown,'
      particularly in a strange kingdom like this where it is
      impossible to live without killing.

      > > This Quest requires brutal self examination and
      > >
      simply putting lipstick on a stone does not a
      > > a ruby, make. 
      This requires a massive heat and
      > > pressure that few are willing to
      > > BR
      > Dear Self examination lovers;
      > Now, pending in my heart and mind are some interesting research items
      > about Pineal and Pituitary as well as Chlorophyll and the Green Man.
      > I know it is hardly enough to hold for a moment the concept that
      > Shakespeare in his Hamlet wrote a real Philosophy of Freedom and that
      > Hamlet himself, as the historical personality, wasn't a myth but was
      > the metamorphosed, reincarnated Hector of Troy. That as well as other
      > things should startle and amaze those who walk with the Michael
      > School and I'm sure it does for one split second.
      Mars forces in history that transfer themselves to the Mercurial or
      Healing forces of current Earth evolution should also startle and
      > amaze
      us. But we certainly avoid making the joy of effort to realize
      > the
      impact of all of this. We have come to see how Buddha/Jesus as
      > the
      Astral body, the Personality forces hidden in 12 year old Jesus,
      foreshadowed what puberty and creative reproductive sanction started
      > to
      bring the young adult Jesus into what he would become with
      Zarathustra's aid. Now this also appears to be lightly taken, but now
      let us get to the grist what I offer as self examination.
      > The
      grist is how do we diagnose the observation that Sentient (astral
      > phase
      II) Soul and Intellectual soul forces tied to the double and
      > inner
      egregores of the United States, dominate the perceptions of
      > those
      around us?
      > First let us look at David Hume from 1740
      > "When our own nation is at war with any other, we detest them under
      > the character of cruel, perdifidious, unjust and violent: But always
      > esteem ourselves and allies equitable, moderate and merciful. If the
      > general of our enemies be successful, 'tis with difficulty we allow
      > him the figure and character of a man. He is a sorcerer: He has a
      > communication with daemons; [they worship a meteor, a borg like
      > block, a Black Slab like 2001 a Space Odyssey. but to cont.. with
      > Hume]... as is reported of Oliver Cromwell, and the Duke of
      Luxembourg: He is bloody-minded, and takes a pleasure in death and
      destruction. But if the success be on our side, our commander has all
      the opposite good qualities, and is a pattern of virtue, as well as
      > of
      courage and conduct. His treachery we call policy: His cruelty is
      > an
      evil inseperable from war. In short, everyone of his faults we
      > either
      endeavour to extenuate, or dignify it with the name of that
      > virtue,
      which approaches it."
      > Bradford comments;
      > That
      of course was then. But what about now. How do we look inside
      > anothers
      thoughts and find that they are still entangled in Sentient
      > illusions,
      egregorial unconsciousness passions, stirred by their
      > already raw,
      uncut, bias. We wish to hear the Gold and I should know
      > because I walk
      into classrooms and the students pray that some real
      > gold will come
      forth instead of the ugly substance of the common
      > brand of Sentient and
      Intellectual Soul treachery of thought.
      > We answer by showing
      Gullvieg and the Norse, we say Thrice burned and
      > Thrice blessed Thoth
      and we relate that to the Initiation of the
      > Astral body through the
      passion fire of three stages of atral-human
      > biography. I will also
      mention, in passing, that Norse Days of our
      > weeks are really
      Odhinn/Jesus/Buddha based. That is Friday= Good
      > Freya or Good Kundry or
      redeemed Aphrodite. Thor and Thursday and
      > Wotan and Wednesday etc.. yet
      they are also the picture of our
      > Planets and Earth's holy development
      as well as the Rainbow. If
      > Magdalene had seven deadly sins in her
      Astral body, they would be the
      > shadows of the Rainbow field. They
      appear daily on American T.V. as
      > Jerry Springer celebrations of Pig
      dung, along with our warped press.
      > But, what is important, is that we
      can speak of Gold and Light and
      > We - We here - are the bearers of the
      New Gold Standard of the Risen
      > Christ. This requires that we have clear
      Self Examination.
      > But finding the Gold through a 1933 region of
      historical grasp of
      > events, is not enough. So now we add further self
      examination into
      > how we know the Sentient Soul and Intellectual Soul we
      hear from the
      > Press and sometimes around here, is entangled by the
      double, and
      > egregores and truly addicted to tremors of Deadly astral
      sins that
      > will not allow the Consciousness Soul and the future Spirit
      Self to
      > be heard.
      > The excuse is that they must be
      liberals and they must be just pansy
      > Anthro's. Here is how I know that
      the entanglements described above
      > can be found in the unstransformed
      and uneducated Astral and
      > Intellectual Soul forces.. These two,
      Sentient as 'potentially'
      > refined astral passions,  and
      Intellectual Soul thinking, as Etheric
      > weaving of Justice and Human
      Rights, are entangled in the morass of
      > Public Media brainwashing and
      unable to disentangle themeselves
      > enough to weave gold into their
      > "The goal of such nationalistic rhetoric is to
      invoke pity for one's
      > own. The goal is to show the community that what
      they hold sacred is
      > under threat. The enemy, we are told, seeks to
      destroy relgious and
      > cultural life, the very identity of the group or
      state. Nationalistic
      > songs, epic poems, twisted accounts of history
      take the place of
      > scholarship and art.
      > "America is not
      immune, We mourn the victims of the World Trade
      > Center attack. Their
      pictures cover subway walls. We mourn the
      > firefighters, as well we
      should. But we are blind to those whom we
      > and our allies in the Middle
      East have crushed or whose rights have
      > been ignored for decades. They
      seem not to count.
      > "The principle of the movement is whoever is
      not included is
      > excluded, whoever is not with me is against me, so the
      world loses
      > all the nuances and pluralistic aspects that have become
      > confusing for the masses," wrote Hannah Arendt in the "Origins of
      > Totalitarianism" 
      > "Before conflicts begin, the
      first people silenced - often with
      > violence - are not the nationalist
      leaders of the opposing ethnic or
      > religious group, who are useful in
      that they serve to dump gasoline
      > on the the evolving conflict. Those
      voices within the ethnic group or
      > the nation that question the state's
      lust and need for war are
      > targeted. These dissidents are the most
      dangerous. They gives us an
      > alternative language, one that refuses to
      define the other
      > as "barbarian" or "evil", one that recognizes the
      humanity of the
      > enemy, one that does not condone violence as a form of
      > Such voices are rarely heeded. And until we learn once
      again to speak
      > in our own voice and reject that handed to us by the
      state in times
      > of war, we flirt with our own destruction."
      > "...But war usually demands, byt its very logic, the disabling of the
      > enemy, often broadly defined to include civilians who may have little
      > love for the Taliban or Saddam Hussein or Somali warlords. While we
      > venerate and mourn our own dead we are curiously indifferent about
      > thoswe we kill. Thus killing is done in our name, killing that
      concerns us little, while those who kill our own are seen as having
      crawled out of the deepest recesses of the earth, lacking our own
      humanity and goodness. Our Dead. Their dead. They are not the same.
      > Our
      dead matter, theirs do not. Many Israelis defend the killing of
      Palestinian children whose only crime was to throw rocks at armored
      patrols, while many Palestinians applaud the murder of Israeli
      > children
      by suicide bombers.
      > "Armed movements seek divine sanction and
      the messianic certitude of
      > absolute truth. They do not need to get this
      from religions, as we
      > usually think of religion, but a type of
      religion: Patriotism
      > provides the blessing. Soldiers want at least the
      consolation of
      > knowing that they risk being blown up by land mines for
      a greater
      > glory, for a New World. Dissension, questioning of purpose,
      > exposure of war crimes carried out by those fighting on our behalf
      > are dangerous to such beliefs. Dissidents who challenge the goodness
      > of our cause, who question the gods of war, who pull back the
      curtains to expose the lie are usually silenced or ignored."
      Bradford comments;
      > I will explain these quotes, but first it is
      important to arrive at
      > the very core Sentient and Intellectual soul
      egregorial and religious
      > masturbation that passes itself off as serious
      Political opinion.
      > Self Examination as to the lurking love of Passion
      in the Sentient
      > soul, passion for passions sake, Patriotic or watching
      and cheering
      > as the once Great America steps a stride closer to the
      > of it's highest principles is not neutral here.
      > Freedom and the Rights of anyone. The constant watered down lumping
      > of all Islamics into one vat is plain shameful, cowardly and reveals
      > the extent of how self examination has been missed and puts parts of
      > the soul life, out of reach of the Consciousness Soul dignity and
      > bearing. Razors and hairs breadth of opinion of soul life that merely
      > swims with the masses in the sea of Sentient trash opinions are
      > easily revealed. It is not enough to see how America worships the
      > Sopranos as it's secret family values. It is not enough that the
      > fellow just nominated to head SEC, Pitts I think, was fired because
      > all of the appointees were caught and entangled in more and more 
      > the same type of cooked books corporate scandals they were supposed
      > to police. What was the hope of their appointments, that nobody in
      > America would notice the out right greed and lust for success and
      > Power at any cost that has infected the American Economic, CEO
      > "Patriotism, often a thinly veiled form of
      collective self-worship,
      > celebrates our goodness, our ideals, our mercy
      and bemoans  the
      > perfidiousness of those who hate us. Never mind
      the murder and
      > repression done in our name by bloody surrogates from
      the Shah of
      > Iran to the Congolese dictator Joseph Desire Mobutu, who
      > from Washington well over a billion dollars in civilian and
      > aid during the three decades of his rule..."
      "War makes the world understandable, a black and white tableau of
      > them
      and us. It suspends thought, especially self critical thought.
      > All bow
      before the supreme effort. We are one. Most of us willingly
      > accept war
      as long as we can fold it into a belief system that paints
      > the ensuing
      suffering as neccessary for a higher good, for human
      > beings seek not
      only happiness but also meaning..."
      > "The eruption of conflict
      instantly reduces the headache and trivia
      > of daily life. The communal
      march against an enemy genrates a warm,
      > unfamiliar bond with our
      neighbors, our community, our nation, wiping
      > out unsettling
      undercurrents of alienation and dislocation. War, in
      > times of malaise
      and desperation, is a potent distraction.
      > "The enduring
      attraction of war is this: Even with its destruction
      > and carnage it can
      give us what we long for in life. It can give us
      > purpose, meaning, a
      reason for living. Only when we are in the midst
      > of conflict does the
      shallowness and vapidness of much of our lives
      > become apparent. Trivia
      dominates our conversations and increasingly
      > our airwaves. And war is
      an enticing elixir. It gives us resolve, a
      > cause. It allows us to be
      noble. And those who have the least meaning
      > in their lives, the
      impoverished refugees in Gaza, the
      > disnefranchised North African
      immigrants in France, even the legions
      > of young who live in the
      splendid indolence and safety of the
      > industrialized world, are all
      susceptible to war's appeal."
      > Bradford comments;
      > Now the point of all of this, and I know Soren has made excellent
      > points and Stephen has put in his extended research, all of this
      > raises the anty. We have plenty of wonderful and new insights we need
      > to work on together, Starman had a book I would be interested in, if
      > he completed it and I just finished a lecture on video tape about the
      > Two Jesus Beings which I shall gladly offer up. The point is I am
      > interested in the struggles to get a handle on the trivia of the
      > Sentient and Intelllectual Soul forces that swing a wonderful axe at
      > enemies and merely throw their thoughts into the collective, clever
      > unconscious bashing of really totally trivia matters. This list, I
      > fully recognize, is just one little puddle in the electronic Fall of
      > Michael Intelligence into Bill Gates pocket book. Aside from the
      > immense amount I was learning from our Threefold discussions, still,
      > woven into all of this are the serious issues that have to do
      with "What Ails Thee" and our inability to understand the Spirit Self
      as attained by Parsifal or the Astral Body of Buddha that was the
      wonderful Jesus Individual on the Cross.
      > The quotes I used were
      from Chris Hedges and I can clearly identify
      > his struggle now to attain
      a Consciousness Soul standpoint outside of
      > the Sentient and
      Intellectual soul. His work is a clear example of
      > the things in one
      self, in self examination of war, that some of us
      > here on this list are
      too cowardly to place under the light of self
      > examination.
      > If you allow yourself to understand a man who sought out Wars and War
      > coverage and saw first hand the substance of the illusion so
      overriding our perception of War that has landed us in America with a
      Totalitarian Lie that is growing, and growing with each day, you will
      faintly grasp Chris Hedges standpoint. The title of the book, which I
      heard about first on that Liberal Program of NPR, and I heard in the
      review the very intimate struggle this man was having to break into
      > the
      Consciousness Soul, that is missed by so many everywhere by mere
      > shades
      and hairs of cut.. so Gold is lacking everywhere where
      > brotherhood and
      International gold should be harvested.
      > The title of the book,
      is "War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning". It
      > attains the Buddha/Jesus
      intuition without knowing what we know here
      > on this list. Chris Hedges
      says, "The only antidote to ward off self-
      > destruction and the
      indiscriminate use of force is humility and
      > ultimately, compassion..."
      This statement struck me very strongly as
      > I am sure it will you, " The
      name Odysseus is tied to the Greek verb
      > Odussomai, which means "to
      suffer pain." Odhinn or Boding or Buddha
      > moves under a similar
      linguistic direction.
      > Here we see what I have indicated, that
      the Devachan has a school for
      > those who have been drawn into Carnage
      and the false Mars side of
      > Earth evolution. This infection of false
      Mars is now incorporated in
      > our thinking, we have Talk Show hosts who
      rage around us. Opinions
      > are invested with super Sentient Force and
      carried over into the
      > false carnage of believing in the purity of the
      team we are backing
      > against the evilness of the other guys. In Chris
      Hedges we can
      > witness a breaking moment of someone who has remembered
      > experiences in the Mars Devachan and has brought his I AM toward
      > Consciousness Soul with the force of an epiphany. It is painful
      > examination and it is sorely lacking in some of us who hold
      > to the Michael School but cannot see the shores of the
      > Soul without a hundred willow wisps devouring what could
      have been
      > pure Gold.
      > Bradford
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