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6578Re: [anthroposophy]Intelligence and testing

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  • Sören Groth
    Dec 3, 2002
      --- In anthroposophy@y..., "Br. Ron" <rlloyd@d...> wrote:

      > (Sacred geometry bears me out on this fact too, but that
      > may be better discussed off list or on a venue that is into that
      > sort of thing....maybe it would be OK...I just have never
      > had much response to it here except from you.
      > Don't know why. One sacred symbol is worth 100,000 words.
      > Only music is better for revealing hidden spiritual verities)

      Yes, I'm totally with you on this one, and in this dimension we
      really agree - The spiritual energies in the totality of Islam, don't
      contain the dynamics of Christ ... and I seperate your points on this,
      from the ones that get all agitated in some politico-religious
      interpretation of such understanding...
      Most confessing moslems aren't in the totality of Islam, but also
      pre-islamic cultural influences and the global interaction... so again
      in the politco-religious reality, the totality of spiritual energies
      mix and interact, this is not relativity, in any other sense than
      different absolute energies relate to each other, a dynamic... and
      externally this may in a political-religious reality make a moderate
      islamist human rights advocate into being more "christian" than a
      phundy confessing christian combattant of "evil", turning out to be
      more "square" than the arab lawyer.
      We share the inner images.. the truth behind the logos
      The polico-religiously confessing realities is result of the
      approximation of translating the universal "logos" (which can't be
      spoken and said - but seen and heard) to our imperfect earthly "logos's"

      Always a pleasure to discuss the geometry with ye
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