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6573Re: [anthroposophy] Re: thinking about politics and social life

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  • Br. Ron
    Dec 3, 2002
          > It seems to me reductive to say "all Islamists are about death" and
      > Christians are about life. It seems to me abstract, irresponsible
          > and strikes me as having little to do with moral thinking.
      Who are you referring to, here? Moi?
      I don't recall anyone here saying anything like that.
      There are undoubtedly some who consider themselves
      Muslims who haven't been totally drawn into the black hole
      that is the spirit of the Koran. 
          > So, I stop reading such posts....and I seek to find
          > communion with deeper moral thinking, and to
          > sharpen my own thinking in this regard.
      Elaine you have claimed to have "stopped reading"
      my posts now for over two years, yet you continue to
      respond.  Isn't that sorta like the church committee who
      continuously thumbs through the porno mags huffing their 
      moral indignation from cover to cover, issue after issue?
      Hey, give me REAL people, not spiritual wannabes.
      "Deeper moral thinking" has more to do with the
      honest quest for Truth, no matter how painful,  
      rather than simply being a 'nice student.' 
      This Quest requires brutal self examination and
      simply putting lipstick on a stone does not a
      a ruby, make.  This requires a massive heat and
      pressure that few are willing to endure.
      THESE courageous ones are the real students....
      and they are rare indeed.
      But there are 3 or 4 on this list and that's enough
      to keep me here.
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