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6568Re: [anthroposophy] thinking into the truth

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  • Br. Ron
    Dec 3, 2002
      >     1. Out of 31 wars currently raging around the world
      29 involve Muslims
      >       that have bloodied the borders in 65
      different countries!
          > >
      >     2. In the past 5 years, out Muslims have been
      involved in 91 percent
          > >     of all terrorist acts, globally.
          > >
          > >     3. .....and 99 percent of all suicide bombings.
          > >
      > > Pro Life?....Hardly!
          > >
          > Dear Brother Ron,
          > The problem with abstract thinking (isolating certain factors as if
          > they were the essential cause producing the presumed effect) ought to be
          > clear to any genuine spiritual scientist (this list is called
          > anthroposophy is it not?).
      Does Anthroposophy include practicing the denial of the obvious?
      Couching simple things in 'scientific' terms does not change their
      core meaning. "A turd by any other name is still a turd."

          > Since you and some others don't seem to get it, let me suggest with
          > regard to the above abstractions....
      Oh,  I 'get it'...I just choose not to 'keep' it for very long.
      Some things are better placed in the garden fallow
      than on the lace tablecloth.

          > Clearly many Islamic Cultures can be described as "retarded" if
          > compared to Western Culture. 
      Yes, agreed, assuming we are using 'civilization' as the criteria.
          > But that only works if one assumes that Western Culture represents
          > some kind of ideal by which other cultures can be measured
          > (this "measuring" or comparative thinking is itself flawed by the way).

      But isn't this 'comparative measuring' what you are doing in
      relation to my point of view, right now?  :-)
      "Hold on...nobody make a move or this nigger gets it!"
      (as he holds the Colt 45 gun to his own head) 
              - The new sheriff in Blazing Saddles
      But regardless, it doesn't matter if Western culture is 'better'
      than other cultures or not. It really all boils down to who has
      the 'hammer,' doesn't it?
      Yes my friend, to the chagrin of lefties everywhere, it's all about POWER!
      (Can't you just hear the groans of the 'affirmative action' crowd right
      about now?.....'sproiiinnng' as the 'Jack in the Boxes' all jerk to Life
      in mechanized protest)
      But seriously, hopefully we in the West don't wield this power 
      arrogantly but rather embrace the Arthurian maxim:
      "Right makes Might".....rather than the other way around.
      It's a fact that one can only remain in the 'drivers seat' as long
      as one is motivated by the 'power of love' rather than simply the
      'love of power.'
      But it doesn't matter if you, the moslems, the liberals, the 'Jack in the Boxes' 
      or anyone else insists on qualifying this Western power through your own PC
      moral filters.
      Power doesn't need permission to be what it is.
          > most of the violence in these Islamic Cultures are David vs. Goliath
          > efforts, by those who refuse any longer to have the necks under the
          > boot of Western economic imperialism.
      Yeah yeah, I know that I should be feeling guilty because I have incarnated
      in a situation of national power.....but what can I say? (yawwwwnnn)
      Hey, do you spoze I could excuse my own failures by blaming the
      successes of others, too? It sure as hell would be easier, wouldn't it?
          > What you are abstracting into some kind of Culture of Death bullshit,
          > most Muslims would deny as the center of their religion. 
      Most Moslems haven't the foggiest idea what their religion is even about.
      (But then of course, neither do most Christians. The difference being that
      the latter doesn't make a habit out of flying passenger planes into innocent
          > You are confusing what is essentially revolutionary anti-hegemony political
          > reactions with some kind of Ahrimanic activity, without you being able
          > to say that you "know" this through your own spiritual research.
      Confusing things? Me?
      You are pretending to have a point of reference from which to judge my
      'confusion.' Let me know when you REALLY have such a foundation
      and I will listen with deep intent. Until then, my knowledge isn't dependent
      upon your approval.

          > Terrorism is actually a gift to the ongoing Rite of Passage (connected
          > to the present and ongoing metamorphosis of civilization) in that it
          > forces this moral crisis of choice (live in fear, or find a deeper level
          > of response).  Until we learn to see that Evil always is in service of
          > the Good, we will never find our way through the symptoms to the reality
          > of modern times.
      Yippee... behold the typical relativistic 'fast foot shuffle.'
      (may I have this dance?)
      Joel, Goodness doesn't need 'the service of evil' to be what it is.
      Goodness is what it is, period.
      But on the other hand, evil DOES need Goodness to be what IT is

          > Most of the thinking in the various quoted materials that have been
          > posted lately to this list suffer from the general inadequacy common
          > today in that it is basically the quantitative cause and effect abstract
          > thinking that is created by our modern education that is permiated by an
          > adherence to materialistic science (the real Ahrimanic Deception).
      Shit....hold on a minute...I need to get my dictionary!

          > If we want knowledge, we have to overcome this habit of thought in our
          > own minds, otherwise our perceptions of the social - political world
          > will be illusory.
      It sounds impressive on the surface.... but I don't necessarily
      purchase into this isolated module of gastro-intestinal, fecal slough.
      Like I say, "I turd by any other name....."

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