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6566thinking into the truth

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  • Joel Wendt
    Dec 3, 2002
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      > 1. Out of 31 wars currently raging around the world 29 involve Muslims
      > that have bloodied the borders in 65 different countries!
      > 2. In the past 5 years, out Muslims have been involved in 91 percent
      > of all terrorist acts, globally.
      > 3. .....and 99 percent of all suicide bombings.
      > Pro Life?....Hardly!

      Dear Brother Ron,

      The problem with abstract thinking (isolating certain factors as if
      they were the essential cause producing the presumed effect) ought to be
      clear to any genuine spiritual scientist (this list is called
      anthroposophy is it not?).

      Since you and some others don't seem to get it, let me suggest with
      regard to the above abstractions....

      Clearly many Islamic Cultures can be described as "retarded" if
      compared to Western Culture. But that only works if one assumes that
      Western Culture represents some kind of ideal by which other cultures
      can be measured (this "measuring" or comparative thinking is itself
      flawed by the way).

      It would be much more accurate to recognize that most Islamic Cultures
      are Third World cultures, and therefore as is normal for such cultures,
      they are dominated by a Western Hegemony, that appropriates their (the
      Islamic People's) assets (agricultural wealth etc.) for the benefit of
      this Hegemony. There are exceptions of course, but most of the violence
      in these Islamic Cultures are David vs. Goliath efforts, by those who
      refuse any longer to have the necks under the boot of Western economic

      Most of this information is of course routinely eliminated from Western
      media sources. The best way to understand it, is to conceptually
      reverse the situation, and ask whether Americans would tolerate, without
      extreme forms of violence, the same abuses.

      What you are abstracting into some kind of Culture of Death bullshit,
      most Muslims would deny as the center of their religion. You are
      confusing what is essentially revolutionary anti-hegemony political
      reactions with some kind of Ahrimanic activity, without you being able
      to say that you "know" this through your own spiritual research.

      You may "think" it, but I don't find any evidence that this thinking
      contains the will-in-thinking activity that makes something

      Ahriman, as anyone paying real attention would know, is actually
      working through the surface phenomena of the West, and lives most
      strongly in those impulses which encourage a fear reaction to modern
      terrorist conditions. The Bush administration, in that it leads us by
      fear is one of the most Ahrimanic impulses active today. It completely
      denies a true Christian approach to these problems, which would be to
      encourage people to see past their initial fear reactions, to find a
      deeper heart (moral and courageous) sensitivity in their activities in
      response to terrorism.

      Terrorism is actually a gift to the ongoing Rite of Passage (connected
      to the present and ongoing metamorphosis of civilization) in that it
      forces this moral crisis of choice (live in fear, or find a deeper level
      of response). Until we learn to see that Evil always is in service of
      the Good, we will never find our way through the symptoms to the reality
      of modern times.

      Most of the thinking in the various quoted materials that have been
      posted lately to this list suffer from the general inadequacy common
      today in that it is basically the quantitative cause and effect abstract
      thinking that is created by our modern education that is permiated by an
      adherence to materialistic science (the real Ahrimanic Deception).

      If we want knowledge, we have to overcome this habit of thought in our
      own minds, otherwise our perceptions of the social - political world
      will be illusory.
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