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6553Re: [anthroposophy]Intelligence and testing

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  • Br. Ron
    Dec 2, 2002
      From: "Sören Groth" <sgroth@...>
              > > For instance, when the likes of Mullah Omar say:
              > > "You Christians can never prevail because your primary goal is Life
              > > while ours, as good Muslims, is Death"
          >  So a muslim terrorist, a christian terrorist or a jewish terrorist, I
      > care about the fact terrrorist, a criminal act - just as a
          > wifebeater is an equally big a**hole as an arabic wifebeater.
      The difference is that I don't find the same moral equivalence  
      between Islamic and Christian systems that you seem to have.
      How could anyone NOT see what's going on here?
          1. Out of 31 wars currently raging around the world 29 involve Muslims
           that have bloodied the borders in 65 different countries!

          2. In the past 5 years, out Muslims have been involved in 91 percent
          of all terrorist acts, globally.

          3. .....and 99 percent of all suicide bombings.
      Pro Life?....Hardly!
      Christianity and Islam are not only diametrically opposed
      but they are irreconcilable, IMO.
      I have no doubt that future events will make this apparent.
      (Sacred geometry bears me out on this fact too, but that
      may be better discussed off list or on a venue that is into that
      sort of thing....maybe it would be OK...I just have never
      had much response to it here except from you.
      Don't know why. One sacred symbol is worth 100,000 words.
      Only music is better for revealing hidden spiritual verities)
      RS said, 'Christianity is a Mystical Fact,' and has made it pretty plain
      that Islam is a horse of a different color. It doesn't even recognize
      the Event at Golgotha as anything but an afterthought...
      No, the two systems simply are not equal
          > I have said it before I'm not pacifist, and some use
          > of force as the situation demands may be necessary - which I however
          > prefer is expressed with sincerity rather than cheering proudness of
      > killingcapacity in the mighty military strength and admiration of
          > potent leadership. Some people need a get a life ...
          > Hehe by the way I love America, especially my sweet american
          > girlfriend , I met through this list :-)  
      Congratulations! "...Wish they all could be California girls..." 
      But to conclude, the issue isn't political or nationalistic.
      It is psycho/spiritual.
      One way is of the Solar-Christ (Life affirming) and the other is 
      Anti-Christ (Death Affirming.)  Continue studying that Koran.
      Sooner or later the convoluted energy patterns may become
      as apparent to you as they have become to me.
             It's a matter of:
       _____                   *
      I           I                  /\
      I           I    vs        /     \
      I_____I              /        \
                               /           \
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