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6547Re: [anthroposophy]Intelligence and testing

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  • Sören Groth
    Dec 2, 2002
      --- In anthroposophy@y..., "Br. Ron" <rlloyd@d...> wrote:
      > (Soren)

      > For instance, when the likes of Mullah Omar say:
      > "You Christians can never prevail because your primary goal is Life
      > while ours, as good Muslims, is Death"
      > Personally, I can find nothing more practical than helping him
      > and other like minded fellows attain their goal, can you?

      Criminals are criminals, and murderers are murderers, no matter what
      motives they claim, and yes some I agree must face the consequences of
      their actions .. their actions, they shall be deemed byt heir deeds,
      not their motives.
      So a muslim terrorist, a christian terrorist or a jewish terrorist, I
      care about the fact terrrorist, a criminal act - just as a christian
      wifebeater is an equally big a**hole as an arabic wifebeater.

      Well and yes, sometimes the will to life, also ask the courage of
      will to death... I have said it before I'm not pacifist, and some use
      of force as the situation demands may be necessary - which I however
      prefer is expressed with sincerity rather than cheering proudness of
      killingcapacity in the mighty military strength and admiration of the
      potent leadership. Some people need a get a life ...

      Hehe by the way I love America, especially my sweet american
      girlfriend , I met through this list :-)
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