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6546Re: [anthroposophy]Intelligence and testing

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  • Br. Ron
    Dec 2, 2002
          >Which by the way dear Br. Ron answers your question about Will to
          >Death and Will to Life... The Will to Life as a free individuality
      >also includes a certain degree of Will to Death of personality
          >sona = through the mask) .. Which is no loss of consciosness or I - on
          >the contrary.
            >As a scorpio, the mystery of life and death, religion and eros is my
          >field of research :-)
      This is true for all 'viable' individuals, but not all individuals are viable.
      This knowledge doesn't have any practical value when dealing with
      what Jesus called  "the sons of perdition."
      For instance, when the likes of Mullah Omar say:
      "You Christians can never prevail because your primary goal is Life
      while ours, as good Muslims, is Death"
      Personally, I can find nothing more practical than helping him
      and other like minded fellows attain their goal, can you?

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