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6545Re: [anthroposophy]Intelligence and testing

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  • Sören Groth
    Dec 2, 2002
      --- In anthroposophy@y..., Sören Groth <sgroth@b...> wrote:

      > Well so from being a personality formed by "an eurocenthric
      > patriarchal capitalist culture of violence" I hope to transcend into
      > an individuality expressing a "cosmopolitan masculine economical
      > culture of lovemaking" ... the latter meaning creativity, deeds from
      > love.. "love for the sake"
      > This has nothing to do with self-hate or self-denial, on the >contrary,
      > on the contrary :-)

      Which by the way dear Br. Ron answers your question about Will to
      Death and Will to Life... The Will to Life as a free individuality
      aslo includes a certain degree of Will to Death of personality (per
      sona = through the mask) .. Which is no loss of consciosness or I - on
      the contrary.
      As a scorpio, the mystery of life and death, religion and eros is my
      field of research :-)

      And all over personalities meet this challenge.. of course there's
      also such a thing as a "arabcenthric patriarchal feodalist culture of
      violence" or an "afrocenthric matriarchal village culture of
      subordination to lazy males" .. all over we have cultural complexes
      frorming personality, which can be transcended into cosmopolitan
      individuality, where the different cultures add different colourings
      and qualities .. and everywhere I meet people who have transformed...
      I could do buisness, "win-win" - an act of "love for the sake" with
      Cecile in Burkina Faso, who have transcended into an individuality of
      "cosmopolitan female cooperative culture of lovemaking" !!!!!

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