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5754Re: Hierarchy - the yogic pyramide

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  • Sgroth
    Nov 1, 2002
      --- In anthroposophy@y..., "Br. Ron" <rlloyd@d...> wrote:
      > though now I miss the free spot, the universal genius... hmm a golden
      > sevenfold star in the center would be really nice ....
      > I'm not sure I can get it in the animated merkabah, but I'll
      > work on it. It would be nice. :-)

      Hmmm ... not to be a pest, but the Merkabah seems a bit static though it
      moves around nicely, it gives me a deuxmachina impression..... a
      crystallised mental image...
      Here's a new shoot at a threefold in four dimensions transcending seven
      rays to a eightfold path to unity in liberated manifold......

      Economism and militarism is terrorising our planet ...
      reply with the making of a free manifold culture, solidarity in production and equal rights for everyone

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