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5145Re: RS on * today's * ISLAM

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  • Br. Ron
    Oct 6, 2002
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      Brother Bradford sez:

      "...I for one, can't even imagine Dr. Steiner enjoying the way the
      e-mail whizzed into the flaming Islamic issues and called for literal
      burnings and morbid Islamic profiling. However, I stand behind what
      Starman has just brought in regards to Islamic history."

      I don't think 'flaming' is so much the issue (although it is hard to discuss
      Arabism without sensing the incredible potential for volatile combusition)

      I think it has more to do with understanding the mechanics of Islam as
      it relates to it's instruction book.....the Koran.

      History does provide a bit of a framework. But even if there were no
      documented references to the "Bloody Borders of Islam," this info is written
      indelibly in the Astral Light for anyone with even partially developed
      psychic sensibilities.

      Rudolph Steiner isn't the only credible source to suggest that Islam is a
      progenitor of antichrist (the sun demon... the 'qliphoth of Tiphareth')

      As I said before, unlike the Judeo/Christian scriptural mandates,
      the Koran offers absolutely no mechanism for change.....
      no 'Once and Future King' .. no Redeemer...no sprouting seed...
      no Oversoul offering continuous upgrades by way of etheric
      embedding and quickening.

      Any monotheistic system incapable of change is like a blazing steam
      locomotive with it's wheels welded to the track Sooner or later, somethin's
      gotta give.

      I tend to agree with ol' Nostradamus about the dude with the 'blue turban.'
      It also may be that 9/11 is just the first in a series of triggers leading
      global, cultural 'reactor' toward critical mass. In fact, I would bet on it.

      Br. Ron
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