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5126Re: Jachin & Boaz- Fourth Seal

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  • elaineupton2001
    Oct 2, 2002
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      Thanks, dear Bruce, for this beautiful post with web sites. I have
      studied this Fourth Apocalyptic Seal (somewhat) in Steiner's
      lectures: The Apocalypse of St. John, but have not seen this seal in
      such brilliant color (even through the illusion of a web page).

      In your post I read this quote from Steiner on the two pillars of
      Joachin (Red blood, oysgen, Mercy, Life, Magic) and Boaz (Blue
      blood, carbon,Severity, Death/stability, Knowledge, correspondingly):

      > "The Initiate foresees a future condition of mankind in which the
      > Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life .... will be intertwined
      > united within man himself. At the present stage the aspirant to
      > spiritual development should inscribe the message of the two
      > in his heart. Separated though they still are, they summon us to
      > transcend the present state of mankind and to direct our footsteps
      > the place where through our widened consciousness the two will be
      > interwoven - a secret that is indicated in the J-B. The verses
      > inscribed on either pillar will bring home to us their meaning.
      > on the first pillar relate to Knowledge, those on the second to
      > itself. Thus at the former stage the formative, creative powers
      > revealed to man; at the latter he himself reveals them, magically.
      > Progression from the mere faculty of cognition to that of magical
      > activity in life is the significance of the transition from the
      > latent in the first inscription to that which is latent in the
      > second."
      > Occult Seals and columns- Rudolf Steiner

      Good news here! What come to mind and heart right now especially is
      the use of Knowledge in modern science, a science that is, often
      still, though not always, one of Knowledge without Life forces.
      Think of bio-technology, genetic engineering of shadow life forms,
      and think of our nuclear capabilities, a pressing matter today.
      Recently in the news we hear of how what appear as monstrous forms
      have taken hold of babies born in Iraq, babies whose birth/life is
      affected by the U.S.'s use of depleted uranium in the "Gulf War" in
      the early 90's. What technology we have! What use we put it to!
      Sometime after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and the other on
      Nagasaki, I believe Neils Bohr wrote a paper expressing the need for
      caution in our use of these weapons of mass destruction. Still, the
      U.S., along with perhaps Russia from the former Soviet Union, has
      more weapons, apparently, of mass destruction than Iraq or any other
      nation. Yet, it seems to me that it is up to us as individuals and
      together in (Christened) groups, to bring the forces of Life to
      counterbalance these forces of death. Our task, it seems to me, is
      evident, but the particulars of how to fulfill this task is
      something still to be learned on the path of Initiation.

      Pray we walk firmly on the path!

      With trembling and gratitude for the opportunities,
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