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51244th Seal, Two Towers & High Priestess- A Comparison

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    Sep 30, 2002
      Hallo Listmembers,

      Here is Tolkien's cover illustration for the Two Towers:
      He had made three illustrations in all, for this cover. There was
      some confusion as to which towers these two were to represent- see
      article above.

      Here is Dr. Steiner's J & B Occult seal:

      And finally, A.E. Waite's design for the High Priestess card:
      Larger pic

      A Comparison:
      Tolkien's cover depicts the two towers as black and white- like they
      are shown in Waite's High Priestess.
      The five pointed star hovers above the black tower, in Steiner's seal
      this is to the right of the dark Boaz tower.
      There is a white hand under Tolkien's tower, in the Fourth Seal there
      are two disembodied hands.
      Above Tolkien's white tower there is a crescent moon, below there is
      the crescent and dark disc. The High Priestess also has a crescent
      moon under the white Jachin pillar.
      Tolkien's illustration depicts a ring, or sun disc between the
      Towers. Waite's has a solar disc in the headgear of the Priestess.
      Steiner also has the sun emblem between the pillars.

      Steiner's Fourth Seal shows a book in the clouds. Waite's Priestess
      holds a book of the law- Tora.
      The occult seal depicts Jachin resting in the water. The High
      Priestess' robes appear to be turning into water- a moon condition.

      "The immediate source is probably the Cipher Document of the Golden
      Dawn that assigns this card to the Moon."
      The J & B pillars play a part in the Golden Dawn and Freemason

      Tomberg states that the Justice card shows the J & B pillars- there
      is a balance between the two. Also the horses on the Chariot card are
      meant to be red and blue - the venous and arterial blood - also
      emblems of the two pillars. The references to Jachin & Boaz
      in "Meditations on the Tarot" are pages: 100, 168, 174 & 178- Element

      Hearty Regards,