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4898Re: [anthroposophy] Am I...Really?

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  • Br. Ron
    Sep 1, 2002
      Jesus suggested that Love (invoking Beauty from "The Other")
      is the singular justification and function of the awakened.

      It is here where Spirit trumps Nature to draw Lazarus forth
      from the tomb of Self-Doubt.

      Listen, dammit....

      I am an 'I AM.'
      I am not an 'I AM NOT.'
      {LilOleMiss tiptoes nervously upon the scene hoping not to be noticed, her cloak deflecting barbs, while hesitantly tapping Br. Ron upon his shoulder. "Pssssst! Br. Ron - thou art indeed an 'I AM.' I am also an 'I AM' who's light shall soon be dimmed..." as she fades silently away.) 
      Nervously?...Barbs?...what barbs?, Lil ol Miss?
      The worst I am capable of is, perhaps, a well placed
      Boston Cream pie.... in my own kisser, Soupy Sales, style. :-)
      (Ro ro...)

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