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4893Am I...Really?

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  • Br. Ron
    Sep 1 3:35 AM
      (Bruce disscutheth with Joksu:)

      >"L. Ron Hubbard thought you could boil all human drives down to the
      >drive to survive..... I have always been uncomfortable with this
      >what do you think?"

      (Br. Ron gingerly interupteth:)

      I have always felt that this was true as far as it went...
      But deeper than the unconscious 'drive to survive' (as given
      us by Nature) is the spiritual drive to justify one's own existence.

      In other words, right or wrong, we humans seem to be
      incapable of accepting our own self-evident Being without first
      finding 'a good reason' to Be.

      Sad but true.......
      So what's a Br. to do?

      Jesus suggested that Love (invoking Beauty from "The Other")
      is the singular justification and function of the awakened.

      It is here where Spirit trumps Nature to draw Lazarus forth
      from the tomb of Self-Doubt.

      Listen, dammit....

      I am an 'I AM.'
      I am not an 'I AM NOT.'

      When with selfless care, this becomes self-evident, oh Sacred Self of mine,
      Only then you may relax in Perfect Peace Sublime,
      .....being well within a world.... where everything is fine.
      with your little piece of Bread and your little cup of Wine.

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