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  • fireofthe12
    Aug 31, 2002
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      Hi Joksu,
      (There is an interesting "story" connected to this question-
      > meeting, but probably it is too much "off-topic".)

      Do tell- the listmembers are all ears.

      > In 1920 the conflict (different views) between Mr. Ervast and TS
      > (=Annie Besant) became too acute and Mr.Ervast formed a new
      > organisation called "The Rose-Cross of Finland" and
      > called his teachings "Rose-Cross theosophy and/or Christosophy".

      There was some sort of Rosicrucian Anthroposophical Society in the US
      as well.

      >Seeking thruth is more interesting than
      > seeking names.

      That's right, the name is unimportant. Dr. Steiner once said that it
      wouldn't matter if the Society changed its name every week.

      > It occured to me that if you, Bruce, think that this forum is not
      > proper place for my posts, please say so and I will stop sending my
      > posts here; this is a "Steiner-list" after all.

      No, it is not a "Steiner" list but an anthroposophical list, "which
      covers" the work of Rudolf Steiner. There have been lots of
      anthroposophical teachers. You have placed some very good studies
      before us here, so don't stop.

      > joksu writes:
      > There are several "keys"/explanations to symbols, legends etc. And
      > don't like the idea that when we state one explanation given by Dr.
      > Steiner, then the case is closed.

      Yes, that is the Rosicrucian perspective. We need an all round view,
      and sometimes we find one truth is opposed by an equally true
      opposite- like the proverbs, "Familiarity breeds contempt"
      and "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

      > The solution to the third "teacher"
      > death&instinct to survive, lies in "winning the death" and it is
      > won "as a last enemy", as St.Paul states (connection to "Father-
      > aspect"). Jesus Christ gave us a wonderful example by building the
      > resurrection body.

      It is interesting that you talk of "survival" and these three
      qualities: Food, Sex and Death.
      L. Ron Hubbard thought you could boil all human drives down to the
      drive to survive. I noticed in the latest Phil Dick film "Minority
      Report", one of the founders of the precog system, mouths this same
      philosophy. (She's the one in the greenhouse.)

      I have always been uncomfortable with this philosophy- what do you

      Kind Regards,
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