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  • elaine upton
    Feb 9, 2000
      Again, dear John,

      I am writing you a second brief post today. I've already written one, where
      i respond briefly to your post to me on the "American soil" thread...

      I neglected to respond to what you say about "classicism" or "classical".
      Classical has several denotations and connotations, not only the ones you
      use. Neither you nor Thomas Jefferson nor any other individual can get away
      with colonizing the term, but rather, since communication takes place among
      various souls, i will use the term in the variety of ways that have come to
      be understood among us. Your limited definition of the term, your
      accusations of "misreading" of the term, and your paean to Mozart as the
      highest example of "classicism" all notwithstanding, for me, and for many,
      Bob Marley or Bessie Smith or the Lakota Blackfoot Singers or Willie Nelson
      remain "classic American." (Note, I am not using your capitalized "C".)--So,
      enjoy your Mozart! I will enjoy him, too, and I will enjoy these others as
      well. And if you enjoy them, good.

      A p.s.--perhaps something gets lost here in this virtual mode of
      communicating. If we were to see each other face to face, perhaps we would
      be gentle with each other and might even smile. Our exchange might become a
      delifhtful repartee (to use one of your European terms--smile) or a
      wonderful call and response in the African tradition (smile).

      Well, you talked about archetypes. Is that the anthroposophic link here
      (since this is an anthroposophic list...smile)?

      Smiling (yes, yeah, Moh-Zart meks me smile, almost as much as Otis
      Redding...laugh out loud...)

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