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471Re: American soil-Re:American Anthroposophy

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  • John Massengale
    Feb 8, 2000
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      > Neo-classicism is a style, but Classicism is what Thomas Jefferson or
      > Palladio or Vitruvius would call an expression of Nature. When you criticize
      > the Euclidean nature of Classical architecture and urbanism, you are
      > expressing your personal or cultural preference for other types of design,
      > although you explicity said in a different form that Euclidean design is bad
      > (when you said something about how we need to get away from grids and
      > straight lines).

      BTW, this is what I was referring to:

      > Our very architecture in Europe and North America, the design of our lives
      > --buildings, streets, etc. are so straight or rectangular and rational, and
      > very dull and deadening. Where i teach, we are told to make the teaching of
      > writing a rational, systematized thing. That has its place, of course, but
      > it is also limited, and by itself, it will leave the soul dead!

      John Massengale


      John Montague Massengale AIA
      Architects & Town Planners

      Commoditas o Firmitas o Venustas
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