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  • studioeditions2002
    Aug 3, 2002
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      Don't spend too much time on the educate-yourself.org site. I think
      if all the facts on this site were put into a bag of salt, with only
      the true facts able to be shaken out, there wouldn't be a large
      harvest -- there would be some precious truths though. What's written
      about the "Knights Templar" contradicts severely what RS said about
      them in his lectures. There's a serious problem in simple logic, with
      sweeping all-encompassing statements about ALL wealthy political
      figures and nearly All government. Who would want to spend much time
      and energy to extract the elements of truth in this "extreme zone,"
      wrapped in opaque clouds of paranoia, as much if not more anxiety
      generated as it's seeking to alleviate? In my perusal of this site, I
      sensed a lack of balance; I did not come across any references to
      Christ to balance so much that is written about Satan. Humanity has
      Christ for all satanic confrontation; after all, Satan is a god. I
      would need to search further, but then again...

      There have been several books over the past several decades about the
      use of children in satanic rituals. I recall one written by one of
      the children who survived into adulthood. But to imply that ALL law
      enforcement in the US, the FBI for example, is doing nothing about it
      and is even conspiratorily involved... Feet washing is needed here,
      and a lot of other washing as well. Salt's good for this.

      Christ is the Hope of the World. And John's Revelation reveals that
      good, or the aims of the proper spiritual guidance for the evolvement
      of humanity will triumph on Earth. The White Horseman who returns for
      the Battle of Armageddon is humanity with the Higher Self developed
      and able to be effective on Earth, ruling not out of egotism but with
      "the iron rod" of the developed Higher Self. The White Horseman of
      old was humanity given the crown of the king, but who had not earned
      it and did not deserve it -- hence increasing social and personal
      decadence through the red, black and pale horses. The White Horseman
      is man who has earned his kingly crown to rule through the emergence
      of the Higher Self. "Lord of Lord and King of Kings" - the Higher
      Self of humanity within each developed soul, written on the thigh,
      physical man, limbs and will. This will take a lot longer than

      --- In anthroposophy@y..., Robert Mason <robertsmason_99@y...> wrote:
      > Aug. 2, 2002
      > To all:
      > A question to sleep on, over a Friday
      > night/Saturday morning:
      > Sometimes one (e.g. RM) gets the feeling that the
      > world is going down the commode and that there's no
      > hope left. As an antidote to despair, I set myself
      > the task of thinking up 3 good reasons for hope.
      > One might say that there is always reason for hope,
      > since the good spiritual Powers are ultimately in
      > control, & all things work together for good in the
      > long run, &c. But the Adversarial powers are
      > trying to divert Earth Evolution out of the
      > seven-manvantara series into some kind of cosmic
      > anti-world; if they succeed, the good will have to
      > work things out in the very, very long run indeed.
      > I am looking for more immediate relief here in
      > earthly events, some signs that total
      > social/economic/political/economic catastrophe can
      > be averted. Some might say that a total
      > catastrophe would be a good thing, a needed
      > cleansing and purification. But have the enormous
      > catastrophes of the just-finished century cleansed
      > and purified much of anything? We surely need some
      > big changes, but I'm not at all sure that a
      > world-catastrophe wouldn't make things even worse
      > for the survivors, and for the non-survivors when
      > they (we?) come back. Anyway, I'd rather make the
      > needed changes the easy way and not the hard way.
      > So, here are my 3 attempts at hope. Does anyone
      > agree? Disagree? Anyone have some better ones?
      > 1. It may be just my subjective, wishful
      > impression, but I get the feeling that maybe more
      > and more people, a significant number of the
      > general population (in the USA, at least), are
      > waking up to the reality of the evil intentions and
      > power of occult political groups: the Secret
      > Government. Probably the advent of the Internet
      > and the growing awareness of the UFO cover-up
      > partially caused this awakening. The
      > anti-globalization movement may be a somewhat
      > hopeful sign. This movement has been manipulated
      > from above, and corrupted from within by *agents
      > provocateur*, Black Bloc low-life, wrong tactics,
      > and shallow thinking generally, but still it may be
      > the expression of some public awareness that the
      > "globalists" are not leading this world in the
      > right direction. -- But the big change may have
      > come with 911. The Manipulators may have
      > "overplayed their hand", gotten too arrogant and
      > sloppy, and maybe moved too fast. The word is
      > getting out; maybe not much in the "mainstream
      > media", and, sadly, not very much in Anthro circles
      > (as far as I know), but it is reaching more and
      > more people, and some are even listening. See, for
      > example: infowars.com .
      > 2. On the ecological front: Relief from bad
      > weather, chemtrails, etc.? Wilhelm Reich's orgone
      > "cloudbusting" technology has been moved forward
      > since his death. TJ Constable and now Don & Carol
      > Croft have made big improvements; so now we have
      > the "chemtrail buster": a simple device that can
      > be built for ~$150 and will get rid of those nasty
      > chemtrails. Reportedly, one device even brought
      > rain to the bone-dry Namibian Desert. Go to
      > www.educate-yourself.org and click on "Don & Carol
      > Croft". For background, click on "Constable",
      > and/or go to borderlands.com and enter "Trevor
      > James Constable" in their internal search engine.
      > 3. Despite all our troubles, Anthroposophy is not
      > yet dead on Earth. IMO even the Society is not yet
      > dead. People are still reading Steiner, still
      > farming BD, still educating Waldorfully, etc. And
      > some are even still developing new, beneficial
      > extensions of what Steiner gave us. See, for a
      > wonderful example, www.philophonetics.com .
      > (Thanks to engemi in South Africa for the heads-up
      > on that last item.)
      > (OK, a bonus: #4: And how about all the new,
      > non-Anthroposphical "healing modalities" coming
      > on-line?)
      > (Another bonus; #5: How about the animal-rights
      > movement? It may be beset by some
      > muddle-headedness and lack of understanding of
      > Group-Spirits, etc., but these people are doing
      > some heavy lifting and making some real difference
      > here and there. This movement gives us some real
      > evidence that human decency does still live and
      > work on Planet Earth.)
      > -- So, I set out to find three and came up with
      > five. Any more out there?
      > Robert Mason
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