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  • elf
    Aug 3, 2002

      elf dragged her deck chair out of the bushes and opened it nice and widely.  There i'll just junp in there and wait for the post goblin, had a sip of gooseberry tea and..

      suddenly there was a very loud thunder followed by a sticcato fart noise.  Elf junped up wiv a shock on and taked out her noculars peerin at the skies.. she could seed a shower of stumpy purple feathers and then elf spied it.  It was a crone shudderin off to pluto..

      elf settle back in her chair and curled up her toes happily, The post goblin arrived wiv letters fron the Redwood Forest, a copy of the Elf Tines and a note fron the Wizardlie one. Oooh look telled elf pleased there are a free calender in this weeks copy of the elf tines.  I'll just let it hover in my garden till i are very sure where i want it to beed hung nice.

      She read the day..

      Red Overtone Earth
      Monday, Magnetic 9, Kin: 57

      I empower in order to evolve
      Commanding synchronicity.
      I seal the matrix of navigation
      With the overtone tone of radiance.
      I am guided by the power of life force

      Elf taked taked a sip of tea, closed her eyes tight the peeped through her lashes, she seed the clock face on her wrist.  The tine is NOW - elf opened her eyes - always now my clock tells never yesterday, tomorrow or last week.  Only now..

      elf open the wizards letter. Yes yes yes muttered elf readin all the worbs..interestin, interestin. Yes and more interestin.

      Now for the papers, whats in the news.

      She sun was shinin nice and warmly on elf and the breeze was nice and warm too she held up the Elf Tines and started to had a read fron the beginnin.

      The clouded mental field of humanity operating at the artificial, accelerating machine frequency of 12:60 is actually at conflict with the innate 13:20 timing frequency of the planet and the galactic whole. The Earth's resonance is registered at 7.8 Hz. This number is a fractal of 78, which is a multiple of 13 (x6), and hence, a function of the 13:20 timing frequency. Unless humanity shifts its mental frequency it will bring about a greater and greater dissonance, resulting in the type of disaster that destroyed the planet Maldek, producing the asteroid belt. This point underscores the critical importance of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change as the first stage of Earth ascending to its sacred dimension.

      Holonomics, the study of the one law, distinguishes three levels of wholeness. Each whole is termed a holon. There is the time holon, the tetrahedral geometry of the union of the 1st, 5th, 9th, and 13th positions of the wavespell. Encompassing the geometry of time, this is the master holon which governs all third-dimensional manifestations.

      The next level is the planet holon which is the icosahedral (20-part) structure of the planet telepathically governed by the five Earth families. The activation of the noosphere and the creation of the telepathic field of governance is dependent on the success of the galactic lottery in assigning all human beings their galactic signatures.

      The third and microcosmic level is the human holon. The thirteen joints of the body, the five bio-psychic centers, and the digital coding of the 20 solar frequencies in the 20 finger and toes equip the human as the biological species to consciously bring about the telepathic field of the noosphere. In fact, this is the evolutionary purpose and fulfillment of the human genetic program: to bring about an Earth ascending and return to God's natural sacred order of fourth-dimensional time.

      The realization of the human holon as the microconductor of the planet holon operating within the holon of time lays the groundwork for the creation of galactic culture: the realiztion of humanity as a planetary art spore in communion with the great cosmic forces and intelligences functioning throughout the galaxy

      Hmm thats nice and good also filled wiv interestins on. elf take out her note pad and a pencil

      Dear Wizardlie One

      I are received your letter to me Cimi (Kee Mee - the magical child) White Lunar World Bridger and I are sendin one again.

      It are the Moon of Purpose that are shinin this week

      Yellow Self-Existing Warrior

      I define in order to question
      Measuring fearlessness
      I seal the output of intelligence
      With the self-existing tone of form
      I am guided by the power of free will

      Harmonic Convergence 2nd day

      Yellow Self-Existing Warrior is the throat chakra connected to the northern hemisphere of the planetary light body in the White Wizard-Mirror Timelessness Meditation Chromatic. We are activating Blue Electric Night in the PSI Chrono Grid and the north teams are sending a red magnetic pulse to the south teams

      I are not read the yin yang lines yet .

      I will beed readin more on earth doon ascenders into the fifth dimensions and i will let you know what I heared.

      elf wrigled her ears and frowned.  That are all the tine for my news

      Love fron Cimi

      White Lunar World Bridger

      I polarize in order to equalize
      Stabilizing opportunity.
      I seal the store of death
      With the lunar tone of challenge.
      I am guided by the power of endlessness
      I am a galactic activation portal ... enter me


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