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4438Re: [anthroposophy] reasons for hope?

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  • Carol
    Aug 2, 2002
      Thanks Robert, I like your suggestions.

      #1... There are increasingly good books in the 'new age'
      section of most book stores. By good books I mean books
      are attempting to create bridges between the infinite
      mysteries and the daily lives of the readers. Many of these
      new books are less egotistical and more objective. The other
      side of this shiny coin is that in the science section of
      bookstores we are beginning to see more and more books trying
      to address mysterious phenomena; there will always be the
      absolute denials and refutation of spiritual reality, but
      many of the books from the science section are standing on
      the edge of the razor blade and acknowledging the confusion.

      I take a bit of hope from these trends. An example of the
      former type of book is "The After-Life Experiments". An
      example of the later is "Who's afraid of Schodinger's cat"...

      #2... There is a perverse hope to be taken in the devastating
      and tragic results of our societies blind confidence in
      technology. We are seeing more and more the futility of
      merely throwing money and technique at our problems. Not all
      of us are seeing this, but more and more people are feeling
      the need to ask deeper questions surrounding issues like
      education, health and social welfare. As more of us wake up
      to the impossibilities we face, the world begins to take on a
      new hue; a soft purple light can be discerned within the
      festering darkness. See Netfuture.com

      #3...And let us take hope from the fact of Bradford.

      #4... The fact that a piece of art as consistently beautiful
      and swampy as "Time is the Revelator" by Gillian Welsch was
      produced in our times is a wonderful sign that the human
      spirit is doing fine and getting ready to do some good hard
      work. Buy the cd and see what I mean.

      That's it for now...


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