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4181Re: [anthroposophy] Back on track

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  • g8740@aol.com
    Jul 17, 2002
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      dear Rene,
      Jeff answered your question to the point:
      I took have been with AP groups and other communities and have run into similar problems. And sometimes I was the problem! (too many questions and searching for clarity and just the answers "I" wanted).  I believe the problem of egoism comes up with any spiritual group but is worst when information and knowledge is emphasized over social values and community ideals. When there is a great body of knowledge to learn, the precocious ones take the lead and can alienate the rest.  The only way to tackle this is "head on"- that is with good psychological foundation work and interactive peer counseling.

      It is fine to understanding the nature of the soul and cosmic cycles but is may be far better to know the pitfalls of arrogance, intellectual dominance, personality traits, self esteem issues, and the general mix of spiritual yeast that rises to the surface and must be dealt with. This is why in many non metaphysical  spiritual groups spend  a great deal of time in dealing with the psychology of spiritual development and the pitfalls of the egoism.


      My answer to him: Thank you Jeff. You really answered the question I was asked by Rene Verheyen: why I could not stand living with these people anymore. Ego development is a fine thing but often turns into egotism and what I call spiritual arrogance, e.g. I am further advanced than you so shut up....

      That is why I could not take it anymore. The biggest egotists thought themselves the most spiritual advanced people and behaved according whilst the real spiritual advanced people often just left for other fields.

      have a nice day
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