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  • holderlin66
    Jul 17, 2002
      --- In anthroposophy@y..., Carol <softabyss@y...> wrote:

      Carol wrote;

      I hardly remember well, but I think that the material that
      > SOP added to "initiate nw mysteries" was worked out
      > intellectualy, via deduction and induction;

      Bradford writes;

      Good point. What I was thinking was the connection between Sentient
      Soul and Spirit Self as far as Joel's Russian is concerned. Yet a
      kind of recapitualtion of Intellectual Technique served as a kind of
      mirror... I am constantly astonished, constantly, constantly
      astonished at how little original intuition connected to Spiritual
      Science, builds up commentary about current cultural insights. Steve
      Talbott tackles more Michael Thinking his thumb then most of us here.

      He looks directly into the A.I. world and challenges those Ahrimanic
      philosophic systems of WIRED magazine. Is he also in our School? It
      is an objective fact that the Michael School of humanity was a vast,
      vast event and certainly not limited to the dogmatic narrow
      mindedness of the on going Anthro Society. Such wide ranging wonder
      from hundreds of others in the world, who have never heard of
      Spiritual Science, need to be affirmed and cultivated against the
      constant onslaught of Hawkings and Educational ideals that have no
      grasp over etheric, astral or ego developments, at all..

      So yes, we have a Russian Soul who may have prematurely developed his
      highly colored Intellectual soul with an overlay of premature Spirit
      Self, and we detect it. Great and fine work! We are still in the
      Consciousness Soul and we still have to develop Cognition free of
      constraints and club memberships. In fact it should be taken as a
      medal of honor that the society doesn't want some of us as members
      and doesn't recognize us. You know Grouch Marx...

      I Am development must be free of constraints to be able to act in
      freedom and not from spiritual party politics. Anthros never have
      grasped the full creative force of such Spiritual potential having
      been schooled by Anthroposophy and surfacing as intuition and
      thinking in the free soul. Free Souls see it and grasp it and so
      should we.
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