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4147Re: [anthroposophy] Back on track

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Jul 16, 2002
      In a message dated Tue, 16 Jul 2002 9:11:45 AM Eastern Standard Time, g8740 writes:

      > Hi,
      > I am new to this list - but not new to anthroposophy. Whenever people strive for higher knowledge and understanding, there are always the troublemakers. I know as I have lived in anthroposophic communities for twelve years and in the end could not take it anymore. It was always called "a clash of EGO'S"
      > One thing is often missing with anthroposophy, and that is
      > humour.
      > Greetings
      > Gerhard

      *******Not always, fortunately. Some even put on puppet shows.
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