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    Jun 6, 2002
      Dear Bradford,
      thanks for the pictures abouth the 8th sphere question.
      I remember that spiritual teachers like Massimo Scaligero and Mimma
      Benvenuti had the same insight about the fact that "up to date" no human
      soul were lost in the Cosmic Hell.
      I rember also,however, that Jesaiah Ben Aharon in his "the Spiritual Event"
      gives a different picture (page 64 footnote 12) talkin'about the leading
      group of Nazi criminal who, for the first time in Human evolution
      perpertrate evil self-consciously.........


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      > >Subject: Re: R: [anthroposophy] Re: A Question of interstellar Beings
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      > Starman;
      > >Incidentally, in the Qabala the inhabitants of the 8th sphere were known
      > >the 'qlipoth' or shells. The 'djinn' was a generic term for all astral
      > >beings
      > >sometimes, and sometimes was used for one type of them. It's the origin
      > >the word "genius", which originally meant a being that incarnated with or
      > >in
      > >certain humans, like Socrates' "daemon", a demi-god or offspring of a
      > >The saying was originally that a person "HAD a genius", not WAS a genius.
      > Some study notes from another site;
      > This leads us to the reason for the Avestan and Essene abyss.
      > The Eight Sphere
      > We have seen that the intentional cosmic deed of the War in Heaven led to
      > the three hierarchies of evil. The Asuric, led by Adzura, resulted from
      > recapitulation of the Old Saturn manvantara; the Ahrimanic, led by
      > resulted from the recapitulation of the Old Sun manvantara and the
      > Luciferic, led by Lucifer, resulted from the recapitulation of the Old
      > manvantara. As a result, the evolution of the spiritual gifts (the three
      > higher principles) given to mankind by the hierarchies are constantly
      > attack by these legions of evil, which we have now come to call the
      > of Darkness.
      > Lucifer works thru the hierarchy of angels within the astral body; Ahriman
      > works thru the hierarchy of archangels within the etheric body and Azdura
      > works thru the hierarchy of Archai within the physical body. The elemental
      > spirits of Lucifer work thru the elements of air and water. The elemental
      > spirits of Ahriman and Adzura work thru the elements of earth and fire and
      > working with fire is much more powerful than the other elements, as the
      > ancient Atlanteans hopefully learned.
      > The three hierarchies of archai-archangels-angels are reflected in the
      > spheres of Father-Son-Holy Spirit in the regions of
      > bodies in man.
      > Lucifer in his battle in the sphere of the Holy Spirit was redeemed by the
      > act of the Christ in His decent into hell after the crucifixion. Ahriman
      > his battle in the sphere of the Son, will be redeemed in the future by the
      > act of the Christ becoming the Lord of Karma. However, what is lost in the
      > sphere of the Father, is forever lost to human evolution and the symbol of
      > this is the abyss of the Eight sphere.
      > The occult concept of the Eighth sphere was first made exoteric by
      > A.P.Sinnett in his landmark book ESOTERIC BUDDHISM. Here he absolutely
      > identified the Eighth sphere with the materiality of the moon. Some of the
      > errors he made were later corrected by the Good Madame Blavatsky in her
      > SECRET DOCTRINE, where she hoped that future editions of Sinnett's book
      > would finally correct the mistakes. However, this was never done and the
      > errors still persisted leading to the conclusion that the Eight sphere was
      > the moon, the former sphere of Lucifer during the Old Moon manvantara.
      > Later, when Dr. Steiner identified the nine interior levels of the earth
      > with source levels of evil, the Eighth sphere became identified with the
      > earth, the sphere of Ahriman. In addition, Steiner said that man could not
      > penetrate with his consciousness the earth's interior thereby setting up
      > absolute barrier for knowledge of the Eighth sphere. Dr. Steiner in his
      > THE OCCULT MOVEMENT IN THE 19TH CENTURY (1915) tried to reconcile the two
      > views.
      > As we know, seven of the 12 conditions of consciousness are available to
      > mankind thru the evolution of the seven manvantaras from Old Saturn to
      > Vulcan. We are presently in the fourth, the Earth manvantara. These seven
      > spheres represent successive stages of evolution and they occur within
      > other, as transformations of the planet earth. Since the beginning of this
      > Fourth round, Lucifer and Ahriman have had a plan to create or mineralize
      > their own sphere, which at the end of plantetary evolution, would detach
      > itself from the earth and go its own way into the cosmos. This sphere has
      > come to be called in occultism, the Eighth sphere.
      > In order to accomplish this task, it is necessary for a process of
      > mineralization to occur. What are "imaginations" or thought forms in an
      > earlier sphere, become materialized in the next sphere. Thus, the
      > imaginations of humanity that occur during this Round, will descend from
      > astral world during the next Jupiter sphere and become physical. This is
      > especially true for the great works of art and music we produce now.
      > During the transition from the Old Moon manvantara to the Earth
      > what was formerly only imaginatively perceptible, becomes materially
      > perceptible. This occurs by adding matter to the spirit by the process of
      > mineralization. All the imaginations present in the Old Moon manvantara,
      > should have passed over into Earth evolution to become mineralized.
      > Lucifer and Ahriman stole certain imaginations belonging to the Old Moon
      > evolution and when these are added to the sphere of Earth evolution, an
      > Eighth sphere is created that works in opposition to the Divine Plan of
      > Elohim.
      > The Earth sphere arrives out of the Old Moon sphere by virtue of the
      > activities of the Spirits of Motion being added to the activities of the
      > Spirits of Form. During the Fourth globe of this Fourth round, the mineral
      > kingdom is added to the plant and animal kingdoms that previously evolved
      > the Old Moon. When the activities of Lucifer and Ahriman are also added to
      > the normal activities of the Spirits of Motion and of Form, the Eighth
      > sphere becomes mineralized, presently with astral substance, which in the
      > future, will become physical substance.
      > Now, when these stolen imaginations become mineralized during our Earth
      > evolution, they take with them certain physical atoms that rightfully
      > to our Earth evolution. What is taken away is directed by Lucifer and
      > Ahriman into the Eighth sphere in the hope of creating their own planet.
      > This was the planet promised to Lucifer after the War in Heaven but, as
      > can see from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, this planet was
      > destroyed and only remnants remain, still in orbit. Thus, do the Spirits
      > Form, "Battle for every morsel of substantiality capable of mineralization
      > lest it should be wrested away from them by Lucifer and Ahriman and borne
      > into the Eighth sphere."
      > As a counter-weight to the astral materiality of the Eighth sphere, the
      > Spirits of Form mineralized the moon, with a much greater density than
      > of the earth. Thereafter, when the moon separated from the earth,
      > JHVH-Elohim went with the moon to command the forces of the Elohim from
      > there. Thus, the imaginations created during the Old Moon manvantara that
      > were stolen by Lucifer and Ahriman which by now had mineralized into
      > physical atoms, went out of the earth to remain in the physical moon. The
      > mineral content of the present moon also contains the spiritual content of
      > the Old Moon forces. As such, the major source of mineral atoms from which
      > Old Moon imaginations could be mineralized, was removed from the earth and
      > put back under the domain of the Spirits of Form as a physical
      > counter-weight. However, what materiality that still remains within the
      > earth sphere is subject to the war between the Lords of Light and the
      > Spirits of Darkness, only the largest source has been removed.
      > We see then the error of Sinnett was to mistake the astral corporality of
      > the real Eighth sphere with the physical materiality of the moon. The moon
      > in effect acts as a counter-weight, with its center of gravity located in
      > the center of the moon, which is under the influence of JHVH. Like the
      > field of forces of a magnet, the moon, as one pole, draws against the
      > of gravity within the center of the earth, as the other pole, which is
      > the influence of Ahriman. In the middle is the astral sphere of the Eighth
      > sphere with Lucifer in his domain as leader of the Old Moon forces.
      > The astral substance of the Old Moon forces (imaginations) is the actual
      > Eighth sphere. As the astral becomes etheric and as the etheric hardens
      > physical matter, so too the combined activities of the Spirits of Motion,
      > the Spirits of Form and Lucifer/Ahriman would have passed over to the
      > Jupiter manvantara only a shell of the earth, while at the same time
      > creating a physical planet to further the evolution of the Spirits of
      > Darkness. Whether or not this will actually happen is a matter of future
      > evolution. Since our earth is the planet destined to become a future sun
      > a far distant manvantara, with Christ as our leader, we do not want any
      > competition from the Spirits of Darkness.
      > What they really need is to capture a human soul to take with them.
      > This has been symbolised in the past literature by the "pact with the
      > such as seen in the 16th century HISTORIA VON D. JOHANN FAUSTEN,
      > Marlowe's play and Goethe's FAUST. To date, no human soul has yet been
      > to the Eighth sphere, including those of Nero, Ghengis Khan, Shaka Zulu
      > Hitler. However, can this happen in the future sixth and seventh cultural
      > epochs ?
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