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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Jun 5 5:26 PM
      Thank you very much Bradford!
      I was looking for a 10 years cycle, and there you provide me with one...

      In return enjoy my little "bundle" :)


      Tishtrya, for 10 years Tishtrya.
      To enter-transform-imbue-shape-map 'Phenomenalism-Golgotha',
      For 10 years Tishtrya...

      Thou have come across period of thorns,
      Oneself in education mass society madness,
      3 times wounded, almost sent back...
      No place to rest the heart in this nest...
      But in Spirit-Self causes to go.
      David against Goliath.
      Sow, stayed here Love, Faith and Hope, BEING ready for anything, riding a thinking within willing.

      Loving Sophia!
      Lo! enters Abrahamic new course "eugenic" Krishna!
      Christ goes through matter,
      Observe the Karma!
      'Spirit Fire in White and Blue Light Grail Knight of the Word Resurrection Impulse movement through ethers and elements completing the stage of illumination willing withing thinking.'

      Is it you I see victorious with the dagger and the skull dancing?

      To hatch Clear Sky Lightning Blue Bird,
      Head all-heartedly now...