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  • Bradford Riley
    Jun 4 3:54 PM
      From: DRStarman2001@...
      >Subject: Re: R: [anthroposophy] Re: A Question of interstellar Beings
      >Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 16:49:37 EDT


      >Incidentally, in the Qabala the inhabitants of the 8th sphere were known as
      >the 'qlipoth' or shells. The 'djinn' was a generic term for all astral
      >sometimes, and sometimes was used for one type of them. It's the origin of
      >the word "genius", which originally meant a being that incarnated with or
      >certain humans, like Socrates' "daemon", a demi-god or offspring of a god.
      >The saying was originally that a person "HAD a genius", not WAS a genius.

      Some study notes from another site;

      This leads us to the reason for the Avestan and Essene abyss.

      The Eight Sphere

      We have seen that the intentional cosmic deed of the War in Heaven led to
      the three hierarchies of evil. The Asuric, led by Adzura, resulted from the
      recapitulation of the Old Saturn manvantara; the Ahrimanic, led by Ahriman,
      resulted from the recapitulation of the Old Sun manvantara and the
      Luciferic, led by Lucifer, resulted from the recapitulation of the Old Moon
      manvantara. As a result, the evolution of the spiritual gifts (the three
      higher principles) given to mankind by the hierarchies are constantly under
      attack by these legions of evil, which we have now come to call the Spirits
      of Darkness.

      Lucifer works thru the hierarchy of angels within the astral body; Ahriman
      works thru the hierarchy of archangels within the etheric body and Azdura
      works thru the hierarchy of Archai within the physical body. The elemental
      spirits of Lucifer work thru the elements of air and water. The elemental
      spirits of Ahriman and Adzura work thru the elements of earth and fire and
      working with fire is much more powerful than the other elements, as the
      ancient Atlanteans hopefully learned.
      The three hierarchies of archai-archangels-angels are reflected in the
      spheres of Father-Son-Holy Spirit in the regions of physical-etheric-astral
      bodies in man.

      Lucifer in his battle in the sphere of the Holy Spirit was redeemed by the
      act of the Christ in His decent into hell after the crucifixion. Ahriman in
      his battle in the sphere of the Son, will be redeemed in the future by the
      act of the Christ becoming the Lord of Karma. However, what is lost in the
      sphere of the Father, is forever lost to human evolution and the symbol of
      this is the abyss of the Eight sphere.

      The occult concept of the Eighth sphere was first made exoteric by
      A.P.Sinnett in his landmark book ESOTERIC BUDDHISM. Here he absolutely
      identified the Eighth sphere with the materiality of the moon. Some of the
      errors he made were later corrected by the Good Madame Blavatsky in her
      SECRET DOCTRINE, where she hoped that future editions of Sinnett's book
      would finally correct the mistakes. However, this was never done and the
      errors still persisted leading to the conclusion that the Eight sphere was
      the moon, the former sphere of Lucifer during the Old Moon manvantara.

      Later, when Dr. Steiner identified the nine interior levels of the earth
      with source levels of evil, the Eighth sphere became identified with the
      earth, the sphere of Ahriman. In addition, Steiner said that man could not
      penetrate with his consciousness the earth's interior thereby setting up an
      absolute barrier for knowledge of the Eighth sphere. Dr. Steiner in his book
      THE OCCULT MOVEMENT IN THE 19TH CENTURY (1915) tried to reconcile the two

      As we know, seven of the 12 conditions of consciousness are available to
      mankind thru the evolution of the seven manvantaras from Old Saturn to
      Vulcan. We are presently in the fourth, the Earth manvantara. These seven
      spheres represent successive stages of evolution and they occur within each
      other, as transformations of the planet earth. Since the beginning of this
      Fourth round, Lucifer and Ahriman have had a plan to create or mineralize
      their own sphere, which at the end of plantetary evolution, would detach
      itself from the earth and go its own way into the cosmos. This sphere has
      come to be called in occultism, the Eighth sphere.

      In order to accomplish this task, it is necessary for a process of
      mineralization to occur. What are "imaginations" or thought forms in an
      earlier sphere, become materialized in the next sphere. Thus, the
      imaginations of humanity that occur during this Round, will descend from the
      astral world during the next Jupiter sphere and become physical. This is
      especially true for the great works of art and music we produce now.

      During the transition from the Old Moon manvantara to the Earth manvantara,
      what was formerly only imaginatively perceptible, becomes materially
      perceptible. This occurs by adding matter to the spirit by the process of
      mineralization. All the imaginations present in the Old Moon manvantara,
      should have passed over into Earth evolution to become mineralized. However,
      Lucifer and Ahriman stole certain imaginations belonging to the Old Moon
      evolution and when these are added to the sphere of Earth evolution, an
      Eighth sphere is created that works in opposition to the Divine Plan of the

      The Earth sphere arrives out of the Old Moon sphere by virtue of the
      activities of the Spirits of Motion being added to the activities of the
      Spirits of Form. During the Fourth globe of this Fourth round, the mineral
      kingdom is added to the plant and animal kingdoms that previously evolved on
      the Old Moon. When the activities of Lucifer and Ahriman are also added to
      the normal activities of the Spirits of Motion and of Form, the Eighth
      sphere becomes mineralized, presently with astral substance, which in the
      future, will become physical substance.

      Now, when these stolen imaginations become mineralized during our Earth
      evolution, they take with them certain physical atoms that rightfully belong
      to our Earth evolution. What is taken away is directed by Lucifer and
      Ahriman into the Eighth sphere in the hope of creating their own planet.
      This was the planet promised to Lucifer after the War in Heaven but, as you
      can see from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, this planet was
      destroyed and only remnants remain, still in orbit. Thus, do the Spirits of
      Form, "Battle for every morsel of substantiality capable of mineralization
      lest it should be wrested away from them by Lucifer and Ahriman and borne
      into the Eighth sphere."

      As a counter-weight to the astral materiality of the Eighth sphere, the
      Spirits of Form mineralized the moon, with a much greater density than that
      of the earth. Thereafter, when the moon separated from the earth,
      JHVH-Elohim went with the moon to command the forces of the Elohim from
      there. Thus, the imaginations created during the Old Moon manvantara that
      were stolen by Lucifer and Ahriman which by now had mineralized into
      physical atoms, went out of the earth to remain in the physical moon. The
      mineral content of the present moon also contains the spiritual content of
      the Old Moon forces. As such, the major source of mineral atoms from which
      Old Moon imaginations could be mineralized, was removed from the earth and
      put back under the domain of the Spirits of Form as a physical
      counter-weight. However, what materiality that still remains within the
      earth sphere is subject to the war between the Lords of Light and the
      Spirits of Darkness, only the largest source has been removed.

      We see then the error of Sinnett was to mistake the astral corporality of
      the real Eighth sphere with the physical materiality of the moon. The moon
      in effect acts as a counter-weight, with its center of gravity located in
      the center of the moon, which is under the influence of JHVH. Like the polar
      field of forces of a magnet, the moon, as one pole, draws against the center
      of gravity within the center of the earth, as the other pole, which is under
      the influence of Ahriman. In the middle is the astral sphere of the Eighth
      sphere with Lucifer in his domain as leader of the Old Moon forces.

      The astral substance of the Old Moon forces (imaginations) is the actual
      Eighth sphere. As the astral becomes etheric and as the etheric hardens into
      physical matter, so too the combined activities of the Spirits of Motion,
      the Spirits of Form and Lucifer/Ahriman would have passed over to the
      Jupiter manvantara only a shell of the earth, while at the same time
      creating a physical planet to further the evolution of the Spirits of
      Darkness. Whether or not this will actually happen is a matter of future
      evolution. Since our earth is the planet destined to become a future sun in
      a far distant manvantara, with Christ as our leader, we do not want any
      competition from the Spirits of Darkness.
      What they really need is to capture a human soul to take with them.

      This has been symbolised in the past literature by the "pact with the Devil"
      such as seen in the 16th century HISTORIA VON D. JOHANN FAUSTEN, Christopher
      Marlowe's play and Goethe's FAUST. To date, no human soul has yet been lost
      to the Eighth sphere, including those of Nero, Ghengis Khan, Shaka Zulu and
      Hitler. However, can this happen in the future sixth and seventh cultural
      epochs ?

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