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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Jun 4, 2002
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      In a message dated 6/1/2002 5:32:21 AM Eastern Daylight Time, okcgbr@... writes:

      There is  a strong epistemological question about what is "occult claims" and what is "proven" , since sometimes something that for any is "occult", for somebody else is "proven".

      The crux lies in the different level of perception posible for today's mankind and writing an essay for an anthro-magazine ( in my own Italian language) about the link between "ufos and the 8th sphere" I realized that if we have not an actual cognition of the continuum from the physycal plane to the etheric-astral-spiritual ones we are really unable to grasp what's happening all around us, in the times when the "subnature", the "8th sphere" the "Treshold crossing phoenomena" and so on are sending "ad bestias" (english : to hell) the so-called "common sense perception" ,more and more twisted off by the sub-sub-sub  forces streaming from every possible underworld.
        So we have to understand that all the chat-chat about the "little green men from other planets travelling on three-dimensional aircraft" might be only a further hindrancers' trick, that began just at the end of the Second World War . ( But who knows Constable's "Cosmivc pulse" is able to build all the necessary links and grasp a satisfactory pont of view about the whole matter)
      . What else ?
      If the "ufos claims" conceal a big Hindrancers' deception the only way to answer is to build oneself the right weapons to disclose it, and the Spiritual Science's cognition path is the b est way I know to do it.
      A final remark about the question of "materialize"and "dematerialize" : if you digit on some Google or Yahoo the word "jinn" ( elemental astral beings in Islam esotericism ) you'll be able to grasp some interesting insight about the way those "boys from downstairs" ( to quote Constable) used to "travel" trough the different planes of the World.
      Ufos ante litteram ?

      *******These beings have always been known. It's a tragic reality that the form some of them now are made to take by some lower astral beings is the result of the Ahrimanic deception, and a very effective one it is indeed. As you say, Constable's work has been duplicated by others and we can now see them as they really are.

      Incidentally, in the Qabala the inhabitants of the 8th sphere were known as the 'qlipoth' or shells. The 'djinn' was a generic term for all astral beings sometimes, and sometimes was used for one type of them. It's the origin of the word "genius", which originally meant a being that incarnated with or in certain humans, like Socrates' "daemon", a demi-god or offspring of a god. The saying was originally that a person "HAD a genius", not WAS a genius.

      Dr. Starman
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