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3790Morgan's mirror-Re: A Question of interstellar Beings

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  • elaineupton2001
    Jun 3 1:02 PM
      Hello Morgan, carol, jeff, all of this thread,

      No, Morgan, you have not created a muddle, at least not for me. I
      like your questions and find them important (even if I am tending to
      disagree with you, and even if I don't quite understand what carol is
      saying...I think I am coming from a similar place as Jeff, but then I
      think we are all going to meet somewhere if we continue to think
      about this all lovingly and clearly...smile))

      Morgan, I love your question of looking in the mirror to see what
      beings are there in the one reflected. Behind your question I sense
      that you are referring to our interstellar travel in the existence
      between death and re-birth? Is that so. Steiner tells us of our
      traveling through various realms, various planets, and we can go as
      far as our Earthly deeds or acheivements allow, and so some who are
      pure in heart can go all the way to the Sun before incarnating again.
      Others may get stuck at the moon phase, and some--many--have a hard
      time in Kamaloca, because there is no longer a body with which to
      fulfill Earthly lusts, attachments, desires, and so the experience
      can be hellish, and those in that place get stuck and don't get very
      far before reincarnating. Now, all this says that we have to let go
      of the Earthly materiality, the Earthly body, whether we like it or
      not. The etheric substance is still there, but the dense corporeality
      must go, though some want to hold on to it. Thus, if I look in the
      mirror now, what I am seeing, if I can see at all (smile) is a being
      who has traveled among other beings, traveled outside any former
      bodily (material) existence. Also, what i am seeing is a being even
      now inhabited by angels, non-corporeal beings who are working in my
      soul, and in my body (liver, kidneys, spleen, etc.).

      Steiner makes it clear, over and over, that we Earth beings have a
      karma with Earth (except in certain special cases, like the one I
      mentioned before of St. Francis, that soul, no longer in Eartly
      corporeal form, taking up residence on Mars in order to work for
      peace. But most of us have a karma to return to Earth and to help
      fulfill the mission of Earth, to go through the Seven bodies--
      Physical, Etheric,Astral, Ego, and then three higher bodies which
      transform backwards into the Astral, Etheric, and Physical, the last
      act, after ages perhaps, being that of the Seventh of the higher
      members reaching back to transform the physical, which is like the
      Resurrection. But we are --most of us, at least--are not there yet.
      In the lectures on the Apocalypse of St. John, Steiner clearly says
      that our present mission, that is for most of us, is to transform the
      Astral body, let the Christened Ego transform the Astral body. And we
      have a long way to go through the other stages of reaching down to
      the Etheric and Physical to transform them. This is the mission of
      Earth peoples, a very different mission that beings on other planets.
      And yet, beings on other planets help us, accompany us, and even
      inhabit us, work in our bodies and souls, more or less consciously,
      depending on our development. So, we have a specific and unique
      mission on EArth, and yet our mission is connected to and dependent
      upon the mission of beings on other planets. We have a karma with
      Earth and yet other beings (angelic, archangelic and so on through
      Cherubim, Seraphim, Thrones, work with us, work with the folk souls,
      with the plants, animals, etc., with individuals, move within us).

      So, we are not separate from the non-physical, yet the peculiar
      physicality of Earth is our karma and our mission.

      Think of the prophet Isaiah's words (and that amazing gift of the
      Hebrew people): "Yet in my flesh shall I see God." There's a complex
      mystery there, something very unique to Earth.

      Yet, we are not to be lost in materiality, but to work on
      transforming it, and do exercises that help thin the veils between
      the worlds.

      OUr bodies are instruments, important ones, unique in all the cosmos,
      **and yet**, we are also intimately related to and dependent upon the
      existence of other non-corporeal beings.

      Be well in your mirrors,
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