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3782Re: [anthroposophy] Re: A Question of interstellar Beings

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  • Carol
    Jun 2, 2002
      ( If one says that all of nature is the
      > result of the activity of spiritual beings that is
      > different because the material substances must be
      > pre-existing for them to be active within. ) I just cannot
      > see how this model explains the great number of reports or
      > even certain parapsychological anatomies like mediums or
      > saints levitating and defying the laws of gravity.

      I don't see how this model is attempting to explain how we

      What do you mean about material substance having to pre-exist
      for 'them' to be active within...This isn't as Cartesian as
      it sounds is it? I assume I'm misreading the idea there. I
      never thought about the Big Bang happening as a purely
      'material' event and then spiritual being deciding to occupy
      the results.

      To me it's just not a strange idea at all to think that there
      are beings from other 'planets' communicating with us in a
      language that we can understand. I don't have to picture
      them flying through space to appreciate the contact, but I
      can. It doesn't make a big difference. But for me it makes
      more sense to imagine the beings epistemologically working
      towards those earthlings who have signed up for some very
      specific rides...


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