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3781Re: [anthroposophy] Re: A Question of interstellar Beings

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  • jla
    Jun 1, 2002
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      Occult things can be proven but not all things. If someone says man is composed of an astral body, etheric body and so on, then one can meditate and work into the experience and perception of these bodies.  But is someone says I can turn the metal iron into gold, literally, then some proof will be necessary. If someone says UFO and alien phenomena is the product of deceptive advanced Beings then there should be some proof in the evidence. Unfortunately what is evidence is not just perception and reports by one person per incident. If 20 people see the same thing and its recorded on film that is different. A step further would be, of course, when a material object of unknown composition and features is discovered around an incident. This is very hard to explain within the deception model. Spiritual beings do not leave material evidence of their activity. They can leave traces like an lightening strike or the formation clouds but for the most part, their influences leave impressions not material substances or technically devices.( If one says that all of nature is the result of the activity of spiritual beings that is different because the material substances must be pre-existing for them to be active within. ) I just cannot see how this model explains the great number of reports or even certain parapsychological anatomies like mediums or saints levitating and defying the laws of gravity.
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      From: Carol
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      I'm not aware of anything that has been proven outside of
      occult claims; it seems to me that all occult claims require
      a proof that will always be unsatisfactory to those looking
      with modern scientific filters. 

      But I don't think it is hard to imagine that material is the
      product of spirit; in fact I'm sure that you have your own
      forms of proof that material isn't the starting point of
      creative activity.  So, if you've got those proofs in your
      back pocket, link them up with the idea that non-material
      beings from other planets are a few steps ahead of us in
      those regards.

      Of course it is also easy to imagine material beings flying
      material crafts across the universe; it's just hard to
      believe all of these people who are spending time with the
      aliens at night aren't interacting with beings working in the
      lurkings of the subconscious...

      they both must be accurate descriptions of something...

      --- jla <pacbay@...> wrote:
      > Carol,
      > I know this is the assertion of some but nowhere is this
      > proven outside of occult claims. I have heard this before
      > from some AP's but wonder how such a being can create
      > something that continues to exist in material form for
      > decades or be so solid that humans can both interact with
      > such "material forms" it but travel in it as we would a
      > airplane.
      > Where does this information come from below and are there
      > some examples you can point to in history.
      > Jeff
      >   The beings that  are presenting themselves as from other
      >   planets are also very capable of creating material forms
      > that
      >   we can see/touch/feel/smell....  And while the specific
      >   material form they present probably isn't from another
      >   planet, the beings themselves are and the consciousness
      > that
      >   they wish to spead is also, I think...

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