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  • luciferius2002
    May 3, 2002
      Any attempt to criticise such printed assertions is
      condemned out of a false ethical principle: tolerance
      towards a person is confused with tolerance of his
      mistakes. The ideal of brotherly love comes to mean
      little more than the maintaining of "diplomatic
      relations" with one's neighbour, while remaining
      indifferent to his spiritual destiny.
      (Gordienko, pgs.13-14)

      --- In anthroposophy@y..., "Bayou Blue" <BayouBlue@p...> wrote:
      > Dear Morgan and All,
      > I must agree with your assessment below. Even in his very basic
      > *Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment*, Steiner speaks
      of how
      > much criticism exists, even among our children. What are we
      teaching and
      > developing? Clear thinking? Compassion? Tolerance? Understanding?
      > Anthroposophical thoughts? Perhaps one should stop and ponder a bit
      on these
      > aspects?
      > BB
      > > Although this isn't the question being asked, I found
      Prokofieff's book on
      > the
      > > Holy Nights very helpful to inspire both my nightly drawings and
      > subsequent
      > > dreaming.
      > > It is disturbing to see how eagerly human beings leap to
      > > I do agree that his 'forte' might be leaning toward the
      Intellectual Soul,
      > but
      > > it would seem more interesting to discern his place on the
      Vorstand and
      > what
      > > its function is.
      > > The transition to Consciousness Soul is not an easy one. Even
      the move to
      > > 'know' a man by reading someone's opinion of him from a book is an
      > Intellectual
      > > Soul impulse.
      > > Consciousness Soul strives for the 'Big Picture.'
      > >
      > >
      > > Blessings on your investigation,
      > >
      > > Morgan Vierheller
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