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  • Lil Ole Miss
    Mar 4 5:46 AM
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      Hi, Kees -

      Thank you for the good news and I'm very glad you have the problem solved.
      What is so sad is that this was an older strain and there are far worse
      virii out now and supposedly even worse yet to come. There is a very large
      business firm named Costco and also Price-Costco and very recently their
      entire web service was destroyed by a virus or perhaps even virii, with the
      result I was unable to access their site for a day. A technician friend told
      me about a FREE anti-virus program available for download from
      http://www.grisoft.com which is just as good as McAfee or Norton, if not
      better, so I didn't renew my McAfee for $30 but am using this truly
      excellent-just-as-good-maybe-better program. There are, in fact, several new
      such companies offering their software free in order to become known and
      hopefully established. :)
      > Danny, I also received an e-mail from Kees but I doubt if he realizes it
      > k@ thank you, the virusproblem is known and solved already
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